Cotton Candy Makers By Zanzmer

Zanzmer Cotton Candy Maker Automatic Electric Fancy Mini Cotton Candy Machine Portable Electric DIY Sweet Cotton Candy Maker Candy Sugar Machine for Children Girl boy Gift Multi Color - Product Features
  • SWEET TEMPTATION - Delicious and freshly prepared cotton candy like from the folk festival. Enjoy cotton candy at home with the Paghadi
  • PARTY HIGHLIGHT - The cotton candy maker is a highlight at every children's birthday party, garden party or other party. Bring the feeling of the fair to your home.
  • EASY CLEANING - Don't feel like washing up? No problem - simply clean the bowl and splash guard after use in the dishwasher. This leaves more time to enjoy.
  • TOP FEATURES - The device scores with a high-quality quartz heating element, the transparent splash guard, a high level of stability thanks to suction feet and a powerful.
  • INCLUDED - You will also receive a measuring spoon and wooden sticks for free.
Zanzmer Cotton Candy Maker, Mini Sweet Automatic Cotton Candy Machine Hard and Sugar Free Counter top Floss Maker Home DIY Sweets Makers for Kids (multi color) - Product Features
  • Safe and Reliable - Use PP food grade material, non-toxic and harmless. The magnetic heat pipe has better thermal conductivity, stable temperature, and can be used continuously. The carousel sugar bin has been upgraded.
  • Working principle - When the machine heats up, the machine rotates the sugar into a bunch of fluffy Candy Floss. The machine is very simple to use, easy to clean and maintain.
  • How to use - The center head starts to rotate, forcing the liquid sugar to pass through its tiny holes. In an instant, the sugar threads hit the air to cool them and re-solidify, thus forming a mass of sugary threads in the collecting bowl.
  • Easy to use - This easy to use Candy Floss machine allows you to make playground style Candy Floss at home in a matter of minutes.
  • Ideal choice - Very suitable for children's parties, birthday parties, holidays, just a spoonful of sugar can make Candy Floss for the whole family, very simple.

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