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Paint Work By Cosmos Paints

by Cosmos Paints
Price: Price300 Mrp Price330
You Save: You Save30.00 (9%)
Cosmos Paints 18K Gold Spray Paint, 400ml - Product Features
  • Usage: Surface Spray Paint for Metals, Plastic Surfaces, Fibre , Wood etc.
  • USP: Quick Drying, Excellent Adhesion, High Coverage, Rust Resistant Formulation, Long Life
  • Applicable Dengerouse Goods Regulations: Extremely Inflammable, Pressurised Container, Irritant and Can cause dizziness, Keep Away from Heat/Hot Surfaces, Do not pierce or Burn after use, Do Not expose to temperatures above 50 Degree Celsius
  • Ingridients: Isobutyl acetate, Xylene , Propane, n-butane , methyl isobutyl ketone ,Methyl Propyl Ketone, Acetone
  • Flash Pint: Minus 19 Degree

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