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Continental CONTINENTAL NAVIGATOR 3.50-8 Tubetype Tyre - Product Features
  • CONTINENTAL NAVIGATOR TUBETYPE Tyre. ** Specification ** Width: 3.50 Height: X Diameter: 8 Load/Speed Index: . Note: Price is inclusive of Taxes and Tube
Continental : 3.50-10, PACKED SCOOTER BUTYL INNER TUBE - Product Features
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Bajaj - Chetak, Saffire, Wave| Hero - Ez, Pleasure| Honda - Eterno| Kinetic Flyte, Kinetic 4S, Kinetic Nova| LML Nv (Spl), LML Select II, LML Star Euro|Mahindra - Duro, Rodeo
  • Best Quality Inner Butyl Tube
  • Durable & Long lasting
  • Gives best Performance by retainig air for long time which leads to comfort while riding.
  • Fitment for other tire sizes: 2.75-10, 3.00-10
Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires, 2-Count - Product Features
  • Dushkin Protection: Lightweight Sidewall Protection
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 10.0\"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 4.0\"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 5.0\"
Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Black Edition Road Bike Tire - Vectran Puncture Protection, DuraSkin Sidewall Protection, Folding Bike Tire (700x23, 700x25, 700x28, 700x32) - Product Features
  • Limited Black edition version
  • All season tire-the grand prix 4 season can handle any weather conditions you throw at it, keeping you rolling round
  • Dura skin-sidewall protection coming from the high quality polyamide fabric protects from scuffs and cuts
  • Vectran protection-reinforcing and Matrix Fibers made of Vectran are 5x as strong as steel yet still extremely lightweight and abrasion resistant
  • Continental has been hand making their tires since 1871, maintaining the integrity of tradition, while Evolving with the most advanced technology

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