Chain sets By Luroze

Hardened Pitch Gear, High Strength Durable Convenient 10 Pcs Pinion Gear for Engineering Equipment for Robots - Product Features
  • The users can choose different gear ratio according to the actual situation they need.
  • The 12 tooth servo steering gear steel gear with a modulus of 0.8 can be matched with any gear with a modulus of 0.8.
  • Used for servo steering gear as transmission gear, used in various engineering equipment, robots, etc.
  • The 4307 1025 0012 pinion gear uses high quality materials, wear resistant, high strength.
  • By combining with other gears with different numbers of teeth, different torques and drive ratios can be provided
Chain Roller 10mm Drive Chain Roller, Universal Guide Pulley, with Swing Arm Tensioner Guide for Dirt Pit Moto ATV Mini Bike(red) - Product Features
  • Attached the swing arm; the chain then runs over it to keep it aligned
  • Vary colors for you to choose
  • Dirtbike nylon chain roller wheel complete with heavy duty bearings ready to use
  • Inner diameter: 10mm
  • Can also be used on gas petrol motorized bicycle conversions kits
Bike Chain Connector, Heavy Duty Accuracy Machining Bike Chain Joint Anti Rust 950 Kgf Tensile Strength for Repair Bike Chain for Temporary Use(No standard-10 Speed) - Product Features
  • Quick release link design, easy to use without tool
  • High tensile strength up to 950 kgf, good for temporary use or repair bike chain
  • Sleek edge would not harm bike chain and good for glossy rotation of chain
  • Made of quality steel with fine treatment and accuracy machining, sturdy, heavy duty, anti rust and durable
  • 5 pairs per pack, a good bargain, necessary accessory for bike, 3 types to meet your need

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