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68210084AA Nox Sensor Nitrogen Sensor For 2013-2018 Ram 2500 3500 4500 5500 6.7L 904-6030 - Product Features
  • Nox sensor is part of the nox reduction aftertreatment system used in diesel vehicles with urea based SCR systems. It located upstream of the SCR catalyst directly measures the engine-out NOx gas concentration, which helps determine the optimum amount of urea injection. Nox sensor downstream of the SCR catalyst is used to monitor the performance of the catalyst. Accurate nox measurement is in high demand to comply with increasingly strict nox emissions regulations.
  • If it fails, the engine doesn't receive the right fuel-air mix. Consequently, the fuel consumption may increase and the engine operation may be affected. Due to its location, the sensor is exposed to mechanical and thermal damages. If a NOx sensor fails, the vehicle can have multiple faults on the dashboard which will cap the power of your truck (Limp mode). As sensors are directly linked to the SCR system, there will also be emission and general SCR system faults.
  • This Nox Sensor Fits for the Following Vehicles: Ram 2500 2013-2018 6 Cyl 6.7L Diesel, Ram 3500 2013-2018 6 Cyl 6.7L Diesel, Ram 4500 2013-2018 6 Cyl 6.7L Diesel, Ram 5500 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 6 Cyl 6.7L Diesel.
  • Customers can find the product you need accurately according to the OE number. OE part number: 904-6030, 68210084AA.

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