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Captain LED Bike, Car & Truck Roof Antenna Turbine Wind Powered Ultra Bright Shark Fin Led Flash Light, Automobile Accessories Safety Warning Lamp for over-takers and passers (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • MATERIAL: The LED light color of the bicycle wind light antenna consists of a transparent plastic and an electrolytic plastic base, as well as a plastic front fan blade and an internal metal coil.14 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm size.
  • WIND POWERED: Installed on the front of a car or motorcycle. When the speed reaches 40 KM / H or above, the blade turns to drive the generator to generate electricity, drive the wind lamp to illuminate.
  • SAFE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: The design is new and the appearance is beautiful.the wind pushes the power supply, no wiring needed. Energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used as a warning when driving at night. Lights and can beautify your car.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: It is very easy to install with double sided tape, just paste it on the car or bike surface. Carefully clean the surface before installation, to ensure proper adhesion. Do not install this product on any rotational part of the vehicle
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any looseness in installation will result in the detachment of this product while driving, and might damage the vehicle or cause an accident. Do not pour water straight onto this product when washing.
Captain LED H4 9003 HID Relay Wiring Harness Hi/Lo Controller High Low Conversion Kit - Product Features
  • Model- This is a 7\" halogen H4 Headlight Relay Harness with High Heat Ceramic Plugs for Cars & Trucks (High & Low Beams Plug and Play Harness) It can make your headlight brighter by 30% -50 %.
  • The harness has individual fuse for both high beam and low beam. The fuse holder is also made of ceramic. The ceramic parts are used to withstand heat. The relay has a voltage of 12V / 40A.
  • Uses- It is suitable for all cars and LCV which comes with H4 Bulb only. The headlamp wiring harness with dual head lamp relay is manufactured using heavy duty auto cables with ceramic bulb holders.
  • Installation- Designed to easily install 100W/130W H4 bulbs. Its very easy to install, however it is recommended to take professional help for installation.
Captain LED H1 35W 6000K 12V Xenon HID Conversion Kit Set (high intensity discharge) (35 watt, pack of 2) - Product Features
  • COMPATIBILITY CHECK - Please check the H1 CONNECTOR STYLE (See Image) in your vehicle before purchasing to ensure easy and exact fitment in your vehicle.
  • HIGH/lOW BEAM TECHNOLOGY: Strategically placed LEDs in housing to create a perfect light pattern without any dark or blind spot. 6000K White LED Headlight Set for legal riding.
  • PERFECT LIGHT: The offered H4 Motorcycle LED headlight offers a perfect beam pattern as compared to the halogen bulbs along with uniquely designed lamp cup to reflect back a brilliant central beam. Ensure improve light use to project your motorcycle's light farther.
  • SUPER LONG LIFE: The life of the offered H4 LED headlight bulb is more than 30000hrs. It is also IP67 level waterproof, dust-resistant, and flare-resistant to ensure a long run.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Standard designed, it does not demand any modification on the headlight housing or cover. Just simply replace the stock headlight of your vehicle to install the offered LED headlight bulb.

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