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Moso LED 8 Gang Switch Panel Automatic Dimmable, Universal Circuit Control Relay Waterproof System Box Universal Slim Touch Panel with Harness and Label Stickers for Truck Boat ATV UTV SUV Car - Product Features
  • OVERVIEW - 8 gang switch panel allows you to control 8 set of LED lights or devices with the push of a button. With 6 circuits rated at 40A each, can powered all types of 12V/24V accessories. Includes 24 reusable switch legend options, you can customize the panel to specific accessory set up. With high stability, strong anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, it won't be affected by the shaking environment.
  • SAFETY - No need to worry about over-current or over-temperature conditions (even 200 ? max). Come with high-temp and abrasion resistant wiring harness, relays, fuses, and temperature protection switch, if the internal temperature crosses 100 ?C, the circuits will shut down and attempt to reset.
  • CLEAN & EASY TO INSTALL - Plug and play, easy to install, looks super clean in the cab and under the hood. This is a professional quality power distribution system and it designed for use in any vehicle, allowing you to add professional control for your electronic devices in an easy-to-install system that doesnt force you to splice into factory wiring.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Adopting IBGT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology instead of others' bulky relay design, our universal switch control relay system is space saving and perfect fit for all 12V/24V DC power application such as car, truck, off-road, UTV, SUV, boat, marine etc.
  • ALL IN ONE - The elegant package contains everything you need for installation and use. No need to buy extra parts. 8 Gang Switch Panel + 50pcs Self-Adhesive Label + 3 Sets of Mounting Brackets + Switch Control Box + Screw Tapes + Strapping Tapes + Wiring Harness + Installation Instructions.

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