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by Euro Gold Super
Price: Price499 Mrp Price599
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Euro Gold Super Waterless Spray Cleaner & Polish (600 ml) - Product Features
  • Manufactures by BR G Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
  • Cleans your vehicle without the use of water
  • Easy to used, just a simple spray and wipe formula
  • For the cleaning and care for the exterior of the vehicle
Euro Gold Super Water-Less Dry-wash Cleaner & Polish Spray (500 ml) - Product Features
  • Its no scratch formula and trigger pack makes it easy and safe to regularly wash your car without having to use any water.
  • Leaves no white speckling or residue and gives a brilliant clean, with no streaks or water spots
  • This formula does not require water to clean your car. Hence, easy to use, just simply 'Spray and Wipe'.
  • For the cleaning of exterior of your vehicle.
  • Genuine Product manufactured by BR G Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

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