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Wax By Sonax

Sonax (288200-755) High Speed Wax - 16.9 fl. oz. - Product Features
  • Instant paintwork cleaner & sealant
  • Breakthrough NanoTechnology Carnauba Wax formulation
  • Streak-free, high gloss shine
  • Easy to apply and long lasting
  • Also ideal for maintaining and protecting plastic convertible tops
750 Milliliter : Sonax (287400-755) Brilliant Shine Detailer - 25. 36 fl. oz - Product Features
  • Hybrid polymer technology creates long-lasting protection (lasts several wash cycles)
  • Compliments and extends waxes or sealants already applied to the paint surface
  • Produces an extremely smooth surface, increasing the color depth and shine
  • Easy to use
Sonax (246141) Profiline CutMax - 8.45 fl. oz. - Product Features
  • PROFESSIONAL CUTTING COMPOUND - Sonax CutMax removes marks of P1500 grit or finer, including paint defects, scratches, dust inclusions, and severely scratched or oxidized paint work without damaging the clear coat
  • HIGH GLOSS FINISH - Polishing formula leaves a high gloss OEM paint finish with hologram free paint surface
  • SILICONE & DUST FREE - Water based formula will not dry out like other compounds, contains no solvents, silicones or petroleum and creates no dust during the compounding process so polishing pads stay cleaner longer
  • VERSATILE - One of the most flexible compound / polishes available in the market that works beautifully on all clear coats and paint finishes
  • SAVES TIME - The single step process makes paint corrections far less labor intensive and time consuming than traditional claying and compounding - recommend applying with a rotary polisher and a Sonax 6 inch orange polisher pad (sold separately)
Sonax (224141) Profiline Perfect Finish - 8.45 fl. oz. - Product Features
  • Works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats & domestic paint finishes
  • Finishing polish
  • Silicone-free

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