Camcorders By Anbau

Anbau for CCTV Camera 4 Channel Cable Splitter DC 1 Female to 4 Male 5.5x2.1mm - Product Features
  • Manage your power more efficiently with this brand new 1 to 4 power splitter
  • Simply plug the female jack into an AC to DC power adapter to power multiple electronic devices
  • Use this power splitter cable instead of other extra cords
  • Cable Length: 39cm/15inches
  • 4 DC outputs in standard 2.5mm of the most common size
Anbau 5pcs BNC Male Plug for RG59 Coaxial Cable CCTV Copper Solderless Connector - Product Features
  • BNC RF Coaxial Connector male plug
  • Used for coaxial cable, CCTV Equipment etc
  • It is more reliable and easier to use than traditional hex crimp BNC male connector to coaxial cable
  • Make custom length video cables for home theater, broadcast video and CCTV
  • Weld-free design for easy to connect with cable.

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