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by EKN
Price: Price10500 Mrp Price14000
You Save: You Save3,500.00 (25%)
by EKN
Price: Price28000 Mrp Price32000
You Save: You Save4,000.00 (13%)
by EKN
Price: Price44000 Mrp Price52000
You Save: You Save8,000.00 (15%)
by EKN
Price: Price18500 Mrp Price24000
You Save: You Save5,500.00 (23%)
by EKN
Price: Price19500 Mrp Price25000
You Save: You Save5,500.00 (22%)
EKIN DC 2000 Document Camera(Gtalld2_White) - Product Features
  • 3 MB pixel image for good quality of output
  • USB plug and play device
  • Inbuilt LED light for better visibility
  • Portable and moveable
  • Best suited inside classroom, small offices etc …
EKIN 4K HD Camera (Gtalld9_Black) - Product Features
  • Video Output Interfaces
EKIN Full HD PTZ Camera1130 Black - Product Features
  • High definition image, Capture life in style inside conference & Classroom 1/2.9 inch high quality CMOS sensor. Resolution is up to 1920×1080 with frame rate up to 30fps
  • Cutting edge Auto Focus Technology Focus on intelligent image processing, with auto white balance (AWB), auto exposure (AE) and auto focus (AF) functions, the camera can automatically output the best video image in different environment.
  • Low Noise and High SNR Low Noise CMOS effectively ensure high SNR of camera video Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology is also used to further reduce the noise, while ensuring image sharpness.
  • Powerful Zoom 3x and 10X Optical Zoom. SMART board, teacher and student.Multiple Control Protocols RS232, RS485; RS232 support daisy chain, convenient for installation.
  • Low-power sleep function Support low-power sleep and wake up function.Camera Preset Easy to move focus to predefined view 255 preset (10 preset by Remote control).
EKIN DC 2200 Document Camera(Gtalld1_Black) - Product Features
  • 5MB CMOS Camera
  • Two LED Light
  • Stylish look
  • Plug and play
  • Best suited inside classroom, small offices etc …
EKIN Full HD Camera(Gtalld4_Black) - Product Features
  • Full HD Camera with inbuilt Mic 1/2.9 inch 2.07 mega pixel high quality CMOS sensor.
  • Support Multiple Video Format Support H.264/, MJPEG, YUV video compression to run video smoothly
  • Adjustable and Auto Focus.Easy installation with no maintenance.Wider angle view 83

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