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Buy the Latest Range of Safes Online at

Get a high degree of security and do not worry - Stay safe and organized and never lose your valuables. Enjoy convenient access at all times.
Fire resistant safes (documents only) - Single wall safes (pretty crate and everyday jewelry) Double wall safes (moderate cash - Jewelery) - Double wall smart safes (heavy breakage - Jewelery) )
Inside the drawer Replace a drawer in a desk or closet with a contemporary drawer cabinet. In a closet or cabinet, safes over 40 kg must be installed on the bottom shelves and lighter shelves can be installed on any other shelf, as needed. Under the cabinet You can install a suitable safe under boards and floor beds, as well as in drawers.
Mechanical Locking Very easy to use, the oldest locking systems and keys can be duplicated for multiple users. Digital lock Reliable, but must memorize the code, control the number of users using the safe and not fear that the keys are duplicated. Biometric lock Easy to use, high-tech lock and no fear of password leaks / key duplication
I-Buzz: Chests with the I-Buzz feature trigger an alarm when an intruder tries to break in. I-Warn: Chests with the I-warn feature not only sound a resounding alarm, but also send an SMS alert to your mobile informing you of an attack.
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