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EVteQ Hikvision Network IP Camera 2 MP Build-in Mic Fixed Bullet Network Camera Bundle (Easy IP ACUSENSE, DS-2CD1023G0-IUF) - Product Features
  • High quality imaging with 2 MP resolution Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 120 dB WDR technology
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
  • Focus on human and vehicle targets classification based on deep learning
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal resistant (IK10)
CP PLUS Video Door Bell CP-L23 Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell with Micro sd Card Slot from 1080P Full HD Camera | 2-Way Talk - Product Features
  • Super Wide View Angle
  • Two-way Communication
  • Support Built-in Mic
  • Support IP65, IK07
(Refurbished) Hikvision Video Door Phone DS-KIS204 - Product Features
  • This Renewed product is tested to work and look like new with minimal to no signs of wear & tear; the product comes with relevant accessories and is backed by a minimum six month seller warranty; box may be generic
Jenix Audio Door Phone Security System for Villa, Multi Flat, One to One Intercom, Phone for Lock with 220V AC Operated - Product Features
  • Ringer Volume Adjustment , white color , AC operated Door phone
  • Suitable for small office , Hospital , Villa , apartments
  • Clear voice and louder ringer volume
  • High Quality Security System
  • Easy to Install
  • AC 220 V operated
  • Can be connected to Electronic Door Lock , or LED light or any other function by using Lock Key output
Jenix Electronic Door Lock/Rim Lock Suitable for Outdoor Main Gate Wood gate Villa/Flat for Electric Lock Security System - Product Features
  • Lock material iron upgrade to stainless steel wire drawing processing, lock body surface anti-corrosion, durable and beautiful. It is highly secured and anti-theft.
  • Automatically lock door within 9s if not opened
  • Holding force upto1000kg
  • Service life is 500,000 times
  • 6 keys - Digital Computerized Key , no one can copy
  • Its actuated by a 12V Input, use a bell switch from a remote location to provide power via the adapter and there will be click sound and Lock is open
  • Open ways from outside i.e keys or remote controller
  • Easy to install, able to be connected to Video intercom doorbell and other electric access control system. Suitable for fence gate, wooden, glass, metal and fireproof door.
JK Vision 360 Degree Panoramic Wide Angle CCTV Camera 1080P HD Wireless Smart IP Camera Fisheye WiFi Smart Net Camera - Product Features
  • degree 360 degree fisheye lens of this bulb camera gives you an extra wide viewing angle without blind spots and also the 3D perspective which makes it the ideal bulb camera to monitor your property permanently.
  • ?? ?????? ? ??????? & ??? ????????? ???????????? :This pet camera has built-in 48dB microphone & speaker and anti noise technology. The fluent sound allows you to comfort or communicate to your baby / pet / nanny when you are outside. IR LEDs technology extends the viewing distance up to 33 feet to offer you a super night vision experience in pitch dark.
  • ?????????? ???????????? ????????????????? & ???????? ???????? ? ??????? :This wifi's camera advanced Intelligent motion detection will timely send notifications to your phone when it detects illegal intrusion. (Can set up human motion detection to reduce false alarm)
  • ???????? ??????????? ????????????: This camera can be easily set up with your Android device by connecting to Wi-Fi via the app.You can use this bulb camera in different places such as home, school, academy, office, baby care, store, and outdoor view.(No SD Card Included)
Godrej Spacetek Pro Digital Lock for Main Door, Biometric + Pin + RFID Autolocking Digital Lock for Office & Home Door (Pack of 1, Black) - Product Features
  • 360 DEGREE FINGER PRINT : The 360 degree fingerprint allows one to place one's finger at any angle on the sensor to unlock the door
  • ACCESS MODE PASSWORD : 4 to 12 digits for enhanced password strength (Register upto 4 unique passwords).
  • MECHANICAL KEY : In case of an emergency the lock can be opened with an advanced EXS technology mechanical key.
  • AUTO LOCKING : Eliminates the hassle of manually locking the door.
  • PRIVACY MODE : If the safety button is Switched ON, the lock can't be opened from outside by Fingerprint or password. Only mechanical key override is possible.
Dorphin D4 Smart Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition, LCD Display, Camera App Unlock, Fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, Key - Product Features
  • True Keyless Entry - Lock and unlock your door in a single motion Fingerprints as you grip the lock. A lightning speed 0.25 seconds is all that is required to open. Much faster than any key. Inbuilt Door Bell.
  • Long lasting battery - 4200 mAh rechargeable battery for long life, runs upto 2 months depends on usage. 1 year warranty on battery, 3 years on lock, Fits standard-sized doors of (35 to 100mm) door thickness, Suitable for both left and right-handed doors. Inbuilt Wi-Fi no need of separate gateway.
  • Remote Unlock - Wi-Fi Enabled door lock for remote unlocking using app from anywhere. When visitor presses the bell button on lock you will get notification on mobile with accept/reject option.
  • Unlocking options - Fingerprint (100 users), App (no limit), RFID Card (2 provided) (100 users), PIN (100 users), 2 Manual Keys (Provided) After receiving the product please submit your installation request on brand website.
  • NOTE : App supports Android iPhones and iphones. Face recogniton will not work on people with beard. For free installation after receiving the product please submit your installation request on brand website. Cities covered Bangalore, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Surat, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai
NAVKAR SYSTEMS DS-KIS204T Analog Video Door Phone - Product Features
  • 4-wire analog video intercom bundle for villa or house
  • One call button for easier calls
  • Supports captured picture storage
Securitykart Hikvision Video Door Phone DS-KIS202T Four-Wire Analog Bundle Villa Kit - Product Features
  • Analog Kit for villa or house, only one call button
  • Kit including DS-KB2411T-IM and DS-KH2220, 5-meter 4-wire cable, and other accessories
  • European power supply adaptor included (please mark for other standards when you order)
  • Available models: DS-KIS202T
Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Advantis 5259 ABS Plastic Digital Door Lock (Black, 15-Pieces) - Product Features
  • PIN ACCESS : Users can register up to 4 individual user passwords, along with one OTP and one master password for added safety and flexibility. To enhance password strength, the system allows for passwords ranging from 4 to 12 digits.
  • RFID CARD : You can register up to 100 cards to facilitate access for multiple users.
  • MECHANICAL KEY UNLOCK : A mechanical key override is available as an emergency backup solution for accessing the lock in critical situations.
  • PRIVACY FUNCTION : When the privacy button is activated, external access to the lock using Finger Print, RFID Card, or PIN is disabled. Only the mechanical override and the master password can be used for unlocking in this mode.
  • APPLICATION : Suitable ONLY for Wooden Doors. Suitable for main doors, internal doors in Residential set up, Bungalows, Kothis. Office. NOT SUITABLE FOR METAL DOORS, DOUBLE DOORS, SLIDING DOORS, GRILL GATES.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPY CODE : Secrecy can be preserved by introducing random numbers either before or after the password when in the company of unfamiliar individuals.
  • AUTOLOCKING : It simplifies the process of securing the door by eliminating the need for manual locking.
  • BREAK-IN DAMAGE ALARM : A alarm will activate in the event of 5 consecutive incorrect entries of the password (numeric lock or RFID card) as a safety measure.
  • LOW BATTERY INDICATION : This feature includes an audible beep sound providing an advance notice to replace the battery.
  • WARRANTY PERIOD : 1 year warranty from date of purchase
smars Waterproof IP Camera Smart IOT Camera HD 1080P Outdoor Two-Way Audio Intercom Night Vision IR LED Camera with SD Card Support - Product Features
  • NO NEED OF DVR or HARD DISK. Just plug the camera with power supply and monitor the live view on your mobile phone & PC. All videos and images are saved in SD card.
  • FIXED CAMERA: ZOOM IN/OUT, CLOUD RECORDING: Keep recordings safe on FTP server even if camera is stolen / broken.
  • IR NIGHT VISION : HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens. MOTION DETECTION: Will send alerts whenever any motion is detected.
  • Please use your browser to scan the QR CODE on the packing box for the User Manual and V380 APP
  • Power supply DC 12V/ 2A, please pair suitable adaptor accordingly And for pairing, suggest users using google translator to help. (Pairing is simple, just tap the \"+\" in V380, and wait the next sign.)
DeHMY Electronic Door Lock Suitable for Outdoor Main Gate Wood gate Villa Flate for Electric Lock Security System for opening the door - Product Features
  • Electric rim lock
  • it is water resistant electric door lock and its support video door phone and access control system
  • it is Heavy Duty Electronic door lock:- vandal proof metal housing
  • Voltage :- 12V DC/AC , Minimum Current :- 1A , working Mode:- power to unlock and fail secure
  • unlocking mode:- electric, push button, keys
Ozone Video Door Phone Bell, Motion Sensor, Hands Free Intercom, Remote Unlocking, Day/Night Vision 7 inch Screen for Home, Office - Product Features
  • Hands-free Intercom: It enables convenient and secure communication between individuals outside a door or gate and those inside the premises without requiring physical contact or the need to hold a device. This features enhances safety and accessibility in situations where verbal communication or verification is necessary.
  • Feather Touch Button: A specially designed button for a better user experience that requires only a light touch to activate its functions. It provides a smooth, responsive, and effortless interaction with the lock. Users can simply place their finger on the button and apply a gentle touch to trigger the desired action, such as unlocking the door or activating additional features of the lock.
  • Monitoring Function: It enables continuous surveillance and monitoring of access activities and events related to the lock. This feature provides enhanced security and oversight by capturing and recording information that can be used for analysis, auditing, and response purposes. It enables you to monitor access attempts, entry logs, and other relevant activities associated with the lock.
  • Unlock using Indoor Station: Authorized users can unlock the door using the indoor station which is equipped to facilitate efficient two-way communication between the user and the visitor. This initiates a real-time audio or audio-visual communication link between the two parties.
  • 100 degree Wide View Angle: The wide-view angle feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where a clear view of a larger area is necessary. For example, front gate locks allow for better monitoring of visitors, delivery personnel, or potential intruders approaching the gate. The wider coverage helps in assessing the context and evaluating the safety of granting access.
HIKVISION IP Based Wireless Video Door Phone/Bell|7-inch Colorful TFT Screen|Resolution 1080p|Wide Angle Coverage|BuiltIn Microphone & Loudspeaker|Echo Cancellation|Water& Dust Resistant|(DS-KIS603-P) - Product Features
  • The information below is per-pack only
  • Hikvision VDP comes with an 7-inch Colorful TFT LCD, display resolution: 1024 * 600.
  • The VDP supports Indoor & Outdoor WiFi systems.
  • Hikvision VDP comes with Mobile App Function which helps to easily configure and monitor the device.
  • The VDP features 2MP HD Colorful Camera providing clear image throughout the day.; Easy to install & use.
  • Control Method: Application; Included Components: Video Door Phone & Accessories
Ozone RFID Fingerprint Glass Door Lock with Remote and Mobile Application, Passage Mode | Anti-Theft Password | Automatic Locking | Smart Freeze (for Glass to Glass Lock) - Product Features
  • Build Quality This lock is made from high-quality material and is designed to withstand the demands of a busy household, with superior construction that has been tested to ensure optimal performance. It has 1 stainless steel locking bolt that provides a robust locking mechanism.
  • Access Modes This lock is a 5-in-1 security marvel! It empowers you with the ability to register up to 200 Fingerprints, 200 Passwords, and 200 RFID cards. It connects seamlessly with a Mobile App and comes with an Emergency Key for manual access.
  • Application This lock is engineered with a focus on delivering optimal security, making it an excellent choice for a variety of settings, including homes, offices, institutions, and commercial spaces.
  • Auto-locking - It ensures that the door is automatically locked once the door is closed.
  • Passage Mode - By enabling this mode, you disable auto-locking and eliminate the need for any access mode. The lock is accessible for a specific time. It's perfect for occasions when you have guests or need to grant temporary access to a service provider.
  • Anti-theft Password - It deters unauthorized entry as the real password is succeeded by a fake one to prevent intrusion.
  • Smart Freeze Mode - It is activated after a few consecutive wrong password attempts. It temporarily suspends access for a specific duration, making it more difficult for intruders to break in.
  • Auto-secure alarm - It is immediately activated after the Smart Freeze Mode. It alerts users about unauthorised access attempts via a Mobile App, enabling them to take immediate action and make informed decisions.
  • Low-battery Indicator - It alerts the user in advance in case the battery level is low so they can replace the batteries before they are completely drained.
  • Emergency Battery Backup - If the battery is completely drained, the lock can be connected to a power bank through the USB port to regain access for a while.

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Drills are an essential part of any toolbox, whether DIY projects or industrial work. A drill used a motor and a drill bit (or tip) to pierce the material. This has many uses.

Cordless Drill :

Cordless drills are more compact and lightweight, not to mention convenient. Traditionally less powerful than corded models, Cordless drills are powerful enough for most jobs.

Corded Drill :

Wired models have few advantages. Most importantly, you will not have to worry about running out of battery when you're in the middle of a job, recharging exercise, or situations where the battery is exhausted and you can not get replacement. Another consideration is speed: wire drills have higher peak speeds, which makes them more suitable for jobs such as paint stripping (which can be done with a pickling wheel. paint attached to the drill). In addition, in terms of ergonomics, some people find models with wire more comfortable.

Traditional Drill :

A traditional drill (or simply a "rotary drill") is more affordable than other types and is quite suitable for most non-specialized jobs, such as drilling holes and screws into the wood.

Hammer Drill :

A hammer drill has a "hammer" mode. While the drill rotates as in a traditional drill, the hammer mode has the effect of pushing into the drill forcefully. This makes it more suitable for drilling in brick, cement, etc. These are larger, heavier and stronger than traditional rotary drills.

Impact Driver:

An impact factor has a "rotary impact" action. In percussion drills, a force seems to be applied in the drill; in an impact motor, a force seems to be applied to the bit rotation action. These are as compact as traditional drills and are better for screwing. If you needed to screw a bolt into a cement block, it would be best to use a shock screwdriver.

Finding the Right Cleaning Products At offers the best range of cleaning products, such as brooms and mops, garbage cans, brushes and rags, cleaners and polishes, cleaning gloves, deodorants and vacuum cleaners. You will also find mops offered by brands such as Magna, Scotch-Brite, Spotzero, etc. These are available in different colors, materials and sizes. We also offer brand air fresheners such as Air Show, Room Groom and Liboni. Some of them are infused with essential oils, which keeps you fresh all day at home. You will also find automatic room air fresheners with remote controls with features such as the test button and spray timing control settings. On, you can also purchase other household cleaning products, such as branded cleaning gloves like Primeway and Leifheit. These are available in different colors and materials such as rubber, plastic, natural stone and polychloroprene. Having a collection of these essential maintenance items will not only help keep your house clean, but will also save you time and effort.


So, you want this soil to always be clean. And one of the simple cleaning tools you need is a mop, is not it? As you know, cleaning the floor is not as easy as you think. And you would also need the best mop to reach your cleaning goal. That's why you're on this page because you're looking for the best mop. Am I right? Well, you are on the right article. Here we will provide you with reviews on the best mop in India. Before you go to the department store or click on the "Place your order" option in the online store, try reading everything.

Broom And Brushes: For Spotless Cleaning

A broom and brushes are tools for cleaning and sweeping a surface. Brushes are also used for brushing, combing and grooming hair, face makeup and painting. These are essential elements of our daily life and you will be clueless if you do not have a broom or brush on hand.
A broom is a set of materials such as hair, pods, wood, plastic and microfiber knotted at one end. The material can be soft, flexible or hard depending on the application. Plastic or steel wires wrap the strands of a broom at one end. A plastic sleeve fits into the side of the handle for easy holding. In some brooms, a small base connects the broom strands. A wooden, plastic or steel pole of different lengths connects the base to the top.
A broom is a broom attached to a cylindrical stick to make it long. A broom sweeps the sidewalks or the garden full of leaves at ease. You do not need to bend while sweeping. The popular brands of brooms are Bajrang, Thunderfit, Spot Zero and Vimal.

Broom And Brushes: For Spotless Cleaning

Cotton and cotton sponge scourers are slightly stronger than foam pads and are ideal for cleaning plates, cups and other cutlery. These absorb water and can be used for many cleaning and wiping tasks. Their lint-free quality also makes them perfect for cleaning glass surfaces, mirrors and television.
However, if you are looking for a buffer that will help you effectively remove stubborn stains from pots and pans, you need heavy-duty scouring pads. Choose those that are strong enough to remove stubborn stains and soft enough to not leave marks or abrasions. Also make sure that the cleaning pad does not retain odors and is not absorbent. Some of these pads have a wafer on one side and a sponge on the other, providing a double advantage. Cleaning pads with a handle are also very convenient to use.

Cleaning gloves, which you must explore

If you are looking for cleaning gloves that offer firmness and durability, opt for rubber gloves. At, Klaxon and Leifheit can provide you with rubber gloves. If you want to buy a pair of rubber gloves at an attractive price, you can buy the Klaxon safety gloves in off-white and pink rubber. You can get these rubber gloves from at the offer price of 199 INR, about 54% less than the market price. Latex gloves provide a versatile cleaning aid in your household. If you are looking for a pair of multipurpose gloves at a very affordable price, you can opt for the versatile small latex glove for household use. This Healthgenie Latex Glove has a very nominal cost of INR 67, 78% less than the market price.

Cleaning equipment to beautify your household

In addition to cleaning gloves, offers a variety of cleaning equipment, including wipes, dust cloths, tile washers, dishwashers and toilet brushes. All of this cleaning equipment is of the highest quality, ensuring that the cleaning requirements of your home are met easily.

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Explore the wide range of showers, faucets and kitchen and bathroom accessories from leading brands such as Cera, Hindware, Kohler and Grohe, among others.

Single Inlet (Wall Mounted)

Faucets are available in different shapes, sizes and shapes. Choosing a faucet is a combination of aesthetics and functional decisions. Faucets can be categorized by style and fit. Single Intel faucets are the most commonly used variety. They are available in two types, wall and base (surface) mounted.
The valve is adjusted perpendicular to the wall or surface. Works well for baths, sinks and kitchens with small sinks. This type of faucet can be connected to a single input. Several faucets can be used beside for hot / cold inputs.

Single Inlet (Base Mounted)

This type of faucet is equipped with a water inlet from below. It is mainly used for kitchen sinks, sinks and bathtubs. These faucets are available with a rotating handle or lever to control the flow of water. This type of faucet can be connected to a single input.
Mixer taps combine several inputs (hot and cold) into one output. They are also available in wall and stand mounting.
Mixer (Wall mounted) faucets are useful for bathrooms and are often accompanied by a shower exit switch.
Mixer (Base mounted) faucets are useful for bathtubs and sinks - where the water inlet is provided below.

Cleaning gloves, which you must explore

If you are looking for cleaning gloves that offer firmness and durability, opt for rubber gloves. At, Klaxon and Leifheit can provide you with rubber gloves. If you want to buy a pair of rubber gloves at an attractive price, you can buy the Klaxon safety gloves in off-white and pink rubber. You can get these rubber gloves from at the offer price of 199 INR, about 54% less than the market price. Latex gloves provide a versatile cleaning aid in your household. If you are looking for a pair of multipurpose gloves at a very affordable price, you can opt for the versatile small latex glove for household use. This Healthgenie Latex Glove has a very nominal cost of INR 67, 78% less than the market price.

Cleaning equipment to beautify your household

In addition to cleaning gloves, offers a variety of cleaning equipment, including wipes, dust cloths, tile washers, dishwashers and toilet brushes. All of this cleaning equipment is of the highest quality, ensuring that the cleaning requirements of your home are met easily.

Shower Heads

Experience a more pleasant shower when installing a new or replacement showerhead. These perforated nozzles distribute the water. Choosing one with the right features can turn an ordinary shower into a spa experience, saving you money by saving water and electricity.

Shower head options

Available in fixed or hand models, many showerheads offer adjustable water spray configurations and water conservation options. Enjoy a toning water massage to relieve muscle tension, relax with fog, use a powerful spray for a quick rinse, or stand up in a soothing downpour. Look for models that offer a uniform spray regardless of water pressure and anti-scale functions that minimize mineral build-up. Shower heads are available in a variety of finishes to match your décor, including brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Brushed nickel finish

Elegant and durable, brushed nickel is a versatile choice that goes well with any decorating style and is relatively inexpensive. It is easy to clean and does not show fingerprints or obvious water stains.

Brass finish

For vintage and eclectic styles, polished brass is a popular, durable choice, easy to clean and easy to match other fixtures. Satin brass has a warm, gold-brushed finish that resists water stains.

Buy Locks Online to Secure Your Home and Valuables

One of the early responsibilities that made many of us realise that we have grown-up is when our parents said, “Lock the door”. And then, for next couple of years, we were asked, “Did you locked the door properly?” which made us realise that our parents have trust issues. Locks have a very important role to play in every home. From the main door and wardrobes to kitchen cabinets and home safes, locks are everywhere inside a home and they give a sense of safety. In fact, for many kids, a locked wardrobe is the way to the fantasy world of Narnia and a locked safe means unimaginable wealth. There are various types of locks that you can buy on online shopping sites to secure your home and belongings, and there are many brands, such as Godrej, PTCMart, Kodia, and Remi that are selling high-quality security locks online. Keep reading to know more about this one of the earliest security devices, its types, and how you can buy them from e-stores.

Add class and functionality to your door with fashionable brass and wood door handles

The door is often a neglected element in the scheme of things with the owners. In reality, it's an important part of your decor and an entry point for your home for all. It's important to spend time and effort selecting your door hardware if you want quality performance, durability and enhanced style. One way to instantly enhance the design of your door and add a touch of class and elegance is to add a door knob. These have been used for centuries and their designs have undergone a transformation in modern times. Door handles offer great aesthetic and functional possibilities, and you'd better take a look at the options available on the market before choosing the right one for your door.

Cabinets - Keep Your Things Organized

Neat spirit, neat house. It's true that our mind or mood reflects the way we keep our assets. Whether at home or on your desk, it is of the utmost importance to organize your business. But let's take a few things here: how do you keep your things organized when they are so scattered. Old newspapers, books, documents and the list goes on. Now you have to wonder what we are trying to prove here. It's simple. All you need is cabinets to organize your belongings, at home, in the kitchen or at the office. Buy cabinets online and keep your things organized all the time.

Shop for Home Security Systems Online at India

Our homes are our most valuable property. In addition to being our refuges, it is also where families grow together. It is very important to protect your home from all kinds of probable accidents. India offers an online collection of home security systems that will help you secure your home.
Here at India you will find different types of home security systems. You will find both wired and wireless varieties. From wall-mounted security cameras to anti-theft motion detector alarm locks, discover all kinds of gadgets and security equipment here on India. Choose from fingerprint scanners, burglar alarm bells, tank overflow sirens, power locks, and more. Depending on your needs, make your choice and secure your home.
When you shop online at India, you also get great value for money. Choose from leading brands such as Pindia, Lota, NXG Technology, Mantra and more to enjoy quality at a reasonable price Shop early to get the most out of great deals and offers.

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