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Kids Surgical Mask By Clara

WeCool KORRUN Polypropylene Non-Woven Surgical Face Disposable Mask (Blue, Without Valve, pack of 50) for Unisex Adult - Product Features
  • Efficient 3-Ply Protection Masks : These Non-Woven Fabric 3 layered masks for men, women provides effective airway protection. The Outer layer blocks the splashing liquids and Droplets, Middle Layer ( Melt Blown Polypropylene layer ) is filtered out the microns and bacteria . Inner layer can absorb the moisture from the breath of wearer. It helps to avoid meltblown layer from getting wet.
  • With Flexible Nose Pin : Made with Concealed nose clip to make your surgical mask more fitted to your face. The nose bridge strip, fits the nose shape and avoid dust entering the nose from both sides.
  • Soft Elastic Earloop Design Face mask: Cover your Face with Efficient elastic earloop design, the length can be adjusted according to the face. It doesn't hurt your ears after a long time usuage and strechable earloop design provides a best wearing experience.
  • Skin Friendly Disposable Mask for Smooth Breathing : Made of HIgh Quality non-woven fabric that is odorless and soft to the touch which avoid skin irritation. Choose Mask pack of 100, 50, 200 or 500 for your Purpose
  • One time Usuage Disposable Masks : This disposable face mask only for one time use. Manufactured and packaged, BFE ? 95, ISO, CE and SITRA Certified Standard.
3 Ply Pharmaceutical Surgical Pollution Face Mask with 3 Layers Protection with Nose Pin Wire and Non Irritant Ear Loops(Unisex, BLUE, Comfortable, Anti-Virus, Anti-Pollution,Free Size, Pack of 100) - Product Features
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable
  • Care Instructions: Non Washable(Use and throw)
  • Bacterial Filtration Effiency(BFE) ? 98.5%,Particle Filtration Effiency (PEE) ?94% Mask Has 3 Layer Outer, Middle and Inner || Outer Layer is Water Resistant Layer Which Helps to Block Outside Droplet || Middle Layer is Filtration Layer Which Block Germs, Bacteria, Pollution, Dust etc || Inner Layer is Skin Friendly Layer Which Observe Inside Moisture
  • Mask Has Inside NOSE PIN || An Ultra Soft Elastic So Mask Can be Used For Long Time Without Hurting Your Ears Which Gives More Comfortable. Super feather soft fabric ear loop With nose pin
  • Comfortable
  • Soft Ear Loops
CHABBRA SURGICALS CE and FDA approved Meltblown Fabric Disposable 3-Ply Disposable Surgical Mask For kids and for Senior Citizens with Nose Pin (BLUE, Without Valve, Pack of 100) - Product Features
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Pouch Packing of 10 Pcs : Each pack contains 10 Pouches of 10 Pcs surgical mask each. The Zip Pouch packs gives on the go usage
  • Nano Fibre Layer : Innovative High Density Nano Fibre Layer is used in middle which gives high breathability and filters additions dust and pollens
  • Ultrasonic Sealing on all 4 sides: Durable Ultrasonic Sealing to block virus penetration from any side
  • Hydrophilic Inner most Layer : The innermost layer is Hydrophilic which makes it sweat absorbent and Skin friendly
  • Durable Soft Fabric Ear Loops: Extra 5mm width of loops which provides extra stretch making it comfortable for people with broad face
Anti-Pollution Non-Woven Disposable 3 layered surgical face Mask for Dust Protection, Dust proof Face mask with ear loop - Product Features
  • Fit Type: Adjustable
  • MADE IN INDIA - High Quality With Highest Safety Standards.
  • 3 LAYER FILTER ???????? - Make of safety standard material, electrostatic polypropylene micro-fiber material, 3-ply disposable mouth ???????? for children and adults, stay healthy and safe when at work or out.
  • PERFECT CHOICE - This ???????? which can be used all year in any weather which keeps you safe from fog, smog, dust, smells, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, allergens, and humidity. Suitable for cycling, camping, running,travel,climbing and daily use.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DUST - 3 Ply dispos?ble el?stic e?rloop f?ce ????????, filters over 75% of airborne particles, fumes, and odors. Keep people stay healthy and safe when at work or out by protecting your airways from pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier as much as possible.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - This face ???????? features an adjustable nose wire to ensure a perfect fit. Comfortable elastic earloop, extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears. Inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye, gentle to the skin.
WELLSTAR disposable 3 ply mask for unisex ,multicolour surgical mask - Product Features
  • Comes with 4-ply construction of non-woven fabric to offer protection against dust and germs in air Comes with an elastic ear loop for a comfortable fit
  • ENHANCED EFFICIENCY: Investing on the Face Mask will not be a disappointment to you as it provides Efficiency as much as 95%. It also ensures protection against effective against non-oil particles containing dusts and mists.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Its stretchable earloop straps can be adjusted to meet the most head sizes while assurance that it won't hurt your ears or nose during extended hours of wearing. Ideal for wearing by men, women & adolescents alike.
  • Made of Non-Woven fabric and offers a soft and lightweight touch on face Can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment for day to day activities
  • Made in India
Shocknshop Non Woven Kids N95 Printed Face Mask With 4 Layer For Children Up to 14 Years - Pack of 4, Multicolor (MSK18) - Product Features
  • Fit Type: Standard Fit
  • Do not use on a child under 2 years of age
  • Note - For safety purpose no nose-pin provided in N95 Kids mask
  • N95 Mask For Kids :Mask Protects your Kids face, nose, mouth, against dust, smoke, ash, pollution and other particulate matter in all weather conditions.
  • Small and Low Weight :Making them Easy to Carry and Store. For Kids
  • Especially Design N95 Mask For Kids and Boy

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