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Tawas By Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware

by Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware
Price: Price1290 Mrp Price2000
You Save: You Save710.00 (36%)
by Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware
Price: Price1699 Mrp Price3490
You Save: You Save1,791.00 (51%)
by Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware
Price: Price1190 Mrp Price2500
You Save: You Save1,310.00 (52%)
Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Paniyara Pan/Paniyaram Kal - 7 Holes - Product Features
  • A Cast Iron Paniyaram pan. Heavier than the norm for who prefer it that way
  • 7 Holes. 3.5 Kgs in Weight. 8 Inches in diameter. Each Hole - 1 inch in diameter
  • Takes a little longer to heat up, once hot retains heat very well and gives Paniyarams Crispier and Quicker than the norm
  • Ready to Use. Seasoned with Vegetable Oil. No Chemicals Used
  • Sturdy, Lasts for generations. Say good bye to Teflon
Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Iron Skillet Frying Pan (10-inch) - Product Features
  • A cast iron frying pan. Crispy potato fry, crispy paneer fry and many more
  • A heavier than normal skillet for who prefer it this way
  • Ready to use. Seasoned with gingely oil. No chemicals used
  • Sturdy and robust. Lasts for generations
  • Diameter 10 inches (top), 8 inches (bottom), height 2 inches. Weight 2.2 kg
Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Dosa Tawa - 12-inch - Product Features
  • 10 Inches 999.00
  • 12 Inches 1,190.00
  • Crispy Dosas and Uthappams Rich with Iron Content
  • The Bhagya Cast Iron Dosa tawa is Pre-Seasoned Naturally with Gingely oil, No Chemicals Used
  • Though Pre-Seasoned we recommend you season it once again before your first use. Seasoning and Maintenance instructions are clearly detailed in Instruction Manual
  • Cook on Gas, Electric and Induction Stoves
  • Comes with a one year Warranty

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