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Haqqani Natural Wood 10 kg Cat Litter with Super Absorbency (Non Clumping Natural Wood pellets) - Product Features
  • Haqqai Natural wood without any chemical additives to clump the litter.Will not clump and only the loose wooden sawdust is to discarded , just like in the natural environment where clumping does not take place due to absence of chemicals.Absorbs odors :Eliminates bad smell within minutes. Best choice for pet owners who often leave their pets home alone.
  • Safe: It does not contain mineral dust which can be harmful to respiratory system of cats and people.Very safe for kittens' even if the gnaw on the litter.
  • Easy to recycle: Pellets do not clog up drains so used litter may be easily flushed into the toilet.correct product description in kgs and not litres.Please use a scooper without gaps to remove loose used litter
Foodie Puppies Cat Litter Scooper with Poop Bag(Color May Vary) - Product Features
  • Material:Made of high grade durable plastic
  • Lightweight and durable This handy clean-up tool will serve all your pets
  • A convenient hang-up hole makes it easy to store
  • deal for kitty litter boxes, or to clean any other pet waste
  • Easy to clean Essential in cleaning litter boxes on regular basis - 1 Piece ( Color May Vary )
Petcrux Exclusive Cat Litter Tray & Litter Scooper Multicolor (Litter Tray + Litter Scooper) (Litter Tray + Litter Scooper) - Product Features
  • The premium petcrux lightweight litter tray is very easy and suitable for the pets to pour the litter in the tray for your pets which is comfy and ease to make it and serve it to your pets to enjoy the litter and make it healtheir
  • In package - consist of 1 litter tray with the dimensions - 53cm*40cm*10cm,which is convenient for the pets to serve the litter and finds it suitable for your pets to consume the litter.
  • The hand picks colors available are - Blue,Red,Purple,lavender,white and cream with more attractive designs for your pets which looks like specially designed tray
  • The product consist of only litter tray and scooper and finds it easy to clean it is without edge and practical with lightweight which is exclusively hygenic and made of plastic
  • It is perfect and pets can be happy with the stuff and enjoy the same with more litter added in the tray your pets can found something more intresting with them.
Savic Nestor Cat Toilet Home (Colour - Cold Grey) - Product Features
  • Plastic material makes it easy to clean the toilet
  • The tray of the Nestor has a raised back which prevents leakages
  • With built-in handle, plastic swing door and carbon filter.
  • Recommended for multiple cats or large cat breeds
  • For a clean and tidy environment around the Nestor, use Litter Tray Mat Nestor
Dayons Cat Litter Deodorizing Beads with Activated Charcoal, Adsorbs & Eliminates Odour Instantly and Lasts for 7 Days, Cat Litter Box Deodorizer - Product Features
  • It is designed with mini beads shape, so it can apply to different kinds of litters and cat boxes. This product is enriched with activated carbon, which is naturally harmless and has a strong deodorizing effect.
  • It is made of activated carbon and It is suitable for all cat litter.
  • 360-degree adsorption of odor factor, solve the odor problem from the root
  • Physical adsorption and deodorization, zero flavor addition. Non-masking, real deodorization, physical adsorption, tight odor, non-proliferation.
  • Usage: Add 2-3 caps/scoops of deodorizing beads every time, the effect can last for 7-8 days. Add the beads to the litter box and evenly spread it. Avg addition should be around 40 to 50 grams of beads in a litter box with 700-800 gms of litter sand.
Smarty Pet Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter Sand, 5Kg - Product Features
  • Cat Litter is Made with pure, natural clay, recognized worldwide for its high quality.
  • Long lasting and soft touch - less litter usage hence lasts for long period of time fine texture of natural bentonite clay granules gives your beloved cat a naturally soft feel.
  • Adsorptive capacity assures safe bending of bacteria and odours, quite naturally without any chemical additives.
  • This dust free cat litter helps keeping the flour area more cleaner.
  • Economical in use , environment friendly, super absorbent, Dust free-no foot prints.
Pawwfect Cat Litter Tray with Rim/Semi Closed Style of Cat Litter Basin - Product Features
  • It has top opening for quick and easy cleaning
  • A bright, modern-looking, litter box with tall sides
  • Made of high-quality material Prevent the throwing of cat litter
  • Reduces odour Easy to clean It is lightweight
Petkin Cat Litter Deodorizer Lavender 2 in 1, 567g - Product Features
  • Extra freshening with deodorizing baking soda
  • No harsh chemicals & safe around pets
  • Ideal for multiple cat households
Trixie: - Berto Litter Tray, Three Part, with Separating System | Has a Double Rim to Prevent Leakage | Unique Double Tray and Sieve Design That Makes Cleaning The Tray Both Easy and Hygienic - Grey - Product Features
  • Double edge prevents sand and urine leakage.
  • Clips facilitate opening and closing for cleaning.
  • It consists of 3 parts: 2 trays, 1 bottom for easy cleaning sieve.
  • Reduces odour
  • Easy to clean
Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray with Rim Retro Cold, Gray (17-inch) - Product Features
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Prevent the throwing of cat litter
  • Reduces odour
  • Easy to clean
  • It is lightweight
Petcrux Tofu Cat Litter Natural Cat Litter Flushable Cat Litter Clumping Plant Cat Litter Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter Dust Free Low Tracking Cat Litter 6 L - 2.5 g (Lavender - Pack of 2 [Total 5 g]) - Product Features
  • Environment Friendly | Healthy and safe
  • 99% Dust Free | Feather Light Weight Sponge Like Absorbency
  • Soft and Gentle on the paws | Amazing Odour control
  • Rapid Solidification | Easy to Scoop | Flushable
  • Made with all natural Tofu without chemicals
Emily Pets Fresh Scented Bentonite Cat Litter (Lavender), 10 L - Product Features
    DOGISTA Cat Litter Tray with Free Scooper Suitable for All Cat Breeds & Kittens ( Color May Vary) - Product Features
      Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter (Green Tea) 6L - (Pack of 3) - Product Features
      • Made with all natural Tofu without chemicals
      • Amazing Odour control
      • Extremely gentle on your feline's paws
      • 99% Dust Free
      • Easy to scoop,Fast Clumping
      BLISSBORN Cat Litter Tray, Dog Potty Tray, Puppy Pee Pad Holder, 36 x 26 cm Plastic Dog Pet Potty Indoor Training Toilet for Small Dogs, Keep Paws Dry and Floor Clean (Multi Colour) - Product Features
      • Plastic Desk File Holder Use To Store Magazines, Books, Files, Literature, Notebook, Document, Letter, And More Caddy Supplies Material: Durable High-Impact Plastic
      • This tray can be used for storing and display fruit and vegetables in your kitchen and shop, by the help of this tray you can separate your fruits and vegetable
      • This tray can be used for storing and display fruit and vegetables in your kitchen and shop, by the help of this tray you can separate your fruits and vegetable
      • Care Instructions : Washable
      • Size : 36.5 x 26 x 7.5 cm, Package Contents : 1 Tray
      Petcrux Exclusive Scoopable Eco Clump Bentonite Cat Litter 10 L Equivalent to 5 Kg (Pack of 2 - Total 20 L) - Product Features
      • The petcrux litter is organic and dust free it Is made out of natural products like activated carbon which makes the cat more healtier and stronger and found more efficient among all.
      • The product has high absorption rate and free which eliminates the bad odor and welcome and soothes the good odor due to made out of activated carbon in it which gives high absorbency
      • The product is made from high hygienic system which makes healthy to your pets made with the fine grains and of standard quality providing activated carbon in it
      • The carbon cat litter forms very flat clumps and thus yeilding and simplifies the cat litter tray
      • It is exclusive scoopable cat litter made with natural activated carbon clumping bentonite cat litter

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