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by Intas
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by Virbac
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Virbac Epiotic Salicylic Acid Ear Cleanser, 50 ml - Product Features
  • It is a non-irritating ear clenser with anti microbial activity
  • Salicylic acid IP, phenoxyethanol IP as preservative
  • Quality product
Intas KisKin Skin Lotion - 100ml by Jolly and Cutie Pets (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • PACK OF 1 : 160.00
  • PACK OF 2 : 240.00
  • Treating yeast and fungal skin infections
  • Kills sensitive fungi
  • Anti-fungal agent
  • Weakens the fungal cell membrane
Drools Absolute Vitamin Tablet- Dog Supplement, 110 Pieces - Product Features
  • Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals this tablet supports growth and maintains healthy body
  • It promotes healthy joints and keeps your dog active
  • Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients helps in speedy recovery from diseases
JIBSS Dentapaste, 100 gm - Product Features
  • Suitable for Dogs & Cats
  • Weight: 100 gm
  • Ayurvedic Product
  • * Very Tasty & Yummy Dog Tooth Paste with Mixed Fruits and gives Minty Freshness. * It does not have Xylitol and Fluride. * It has anti-plaque and gum care formulae.
Para Canine Boost Tablet Probiotic Suppliment To Improve Digestion, 50 Tablets - Product Features
  • A unique combination of probiotic, live and dry yeast culture, liver extract, minerals and vitamins
  • Loss of appetite
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor bowls clearance
  • Poor growth, delay maturity
Intas D'mag Spray (100 ml) - Product Features
  • Fly repellent
  • Kills deep seated maggots in wounds
  • Helps in healing wounds
Foodie Puppies 3 Pcs Soft Cleaning Dental Rubber Finger Toothbrush for Dogs (Color May Vary) - Product Features
  • Double ended Dog Cat Toothbrush with long handle (to reach back teeth), soft bristles and tapered heads.
  • The choice of a large head and a small head allows the removal of plaque and food debris.
  • The two finger Dog Teeth Care Brush allows the pet owner to place the brushes on the finger to clean pet teeth.
  • Plastic toothbrush sets on your fingers to avoid being bitten
  • Package Includes: 3 Pcs Dog Toothbrush (1pc long brush, 2 Pcs finger brush)
all4pets Pet Kuff Syrup, 100 ml - Product Features
  • Soothes Kennel Cough
  • Helps ease breathing
  • Safe ayurvedic medicine, does not cause drowsiness and constipation
Vet Mankind Nurokind Pet Syrup (210ml) - Product Features
  • Enhancing effect on viral
  • Increasing the action of antioxidants
  • Combination of multi vitamin and mineral
TAILWAGGER Omega3-6 Refined Oil for Pets - Product Features
  • Improves the health of your pets skin and coat. Poor skin condition puts your dog or cat at risk of itching, irritation, skin allergies and bacterial infections.
  • Alleviates the harmful effects of allergies and other conditions that result from an over-reactive immune system response.
  • Slows the growth of common yeast infections in dogs and cats.
  • Aids in proper development of the retina and visual cortex.
  • Prevents certain heart problems in your pet.
Pet care Proviboost Supplement for Dogs 500 ml - Product Features
  • For the optimum growth and ?healthy body
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplements
  • Food supplement which promote vitality and strengthen a dogs physical condition
  • Can Be used for both dogs and kittens
  • This products is sold by A R Enterprises
Virbac Canitone Joint Support Tablets for Dogs and Cats - 30 Tablets by Jolly and Cutie Pets (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • PACK OF 1 : 450.00
  • PACK OF 2 : 900.00
  • Maintains joint mobility in ageing pets for longer duration
  • Supports joint health & movement
  • For Dogs and Cats
  • SUGGESTIVE USAGE: For dogs & cats Upto 15 kg - 1 tablet dail; 15 kg 30 kg - 2 tablets daily; 30 kg & above - 3 tablets daily
  • Consult your Vet for proper Dosage
VetriScience Glycoflex Joint Supplement - 30 Tablets (Pack of 1(30 Tabs)) - Product Features
  • Glycoflex Joint Supplement
  • Comes in 30 Tablets
  • Used for Joint Health
Natural Remedies Orthoron, 60ml - Supplement to Build Joint Strength in Dogs & Cats of All Breeds - Product Features
  • All Natural and Safe
  • Visible results in 15 days
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Enhances Joint Movement
  • Provides relief from Limping and Stiffness
Virbac Canitone-LS Liver Support Large (30 Tablets) - Product Features
  • Nutritional Supplement Tablets Of Vitamine E,Zinc & Silybin-Phospholipids
  • Liver Support
  • Helps To Support Optimum Liver Function.
Cesar Premium Adult Wet Dog Food, White Meat Fish & Vegetables, 6 Trays (6x100g) - Product Features
  • 100g : 100.00
  • 100g x 6 : 599.00
  • 100g x 24 : 2,400.00
  • Complementary food for dogs
  • A premium dog food made with quality ingredients
  • Delivers irresistible taste your dog will love
  • Selected white meat fish mixed with vegetables
  • Cooked into soft texture to offer a tasty treat
  • Qualtiy food provides 55 kcal energy per pack
  • Has a pleasing texture, ideal for adult dogs
  • Provides Min. 6.0% Protein, Max. 1.0% Fiber and Max. 86% Moisture

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