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Aquatic Remedies AQUATIC REMEDIES Lagoon Aqua Bactonil -Freshwater Aquarium Medicine (60 ml), 60 milliL, (Model: Aqua Bactonil 60 ml), White - Product Features
  • Broad spectrum remedies effective against all bacterial infections.
  • Safe to use with all aquatic animals. Bactonil ? FW shows significant difference in 12 hours of treatment.
  • Dosage: 5ml / 25 liter.
  • Note: To be used in Freshwater systems only.
Rid All 4 in 1 Fish Medicine Pack 60ML Each (Anti Chlorine, Anti Ich, General Aid, Anti Fungal) - Product Features
    FeedWale BKC 50% Pond Disinfectant for Aquaculture Ponds and Biofloc Fish Water Treatment - Product Features
    • It controls bacterial, fungal, algal disease and certain protozoans, like Zoothamnium.
    • It De-Odourizes and purifies pond water. It is specially prepared for safe use in aquaculture.
    • Promote good water quality, inhabit algea growth and kills fungus.
    • Usefull to control gill disease. It induces molting in shrimps / prawns in a faster and safer manner.
    • For Aquaculture Use Only. Not For Human Use. Not For Medicinal Use. Keep In A Cool & Dry Place.
    API MelaFix for Aquariums, 16 Oz - Product Features
    • Melafix for Aquariums
    • It is 16 Oz
    • Antibacterial remedy for the treatment of fish
    PRIONS BIOTECH Soil and Water Probiotics Pond Protect-PR, Effective Blend of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Microbes and Enzymes - (1 Kg) - Product Features
    • Prions Biotech offers enzyme blend SOIL AND WATER PROBIOTICS- PR. This is a new concept in the Pond water ecosystem. Its active ingredients have been developed by Indian Biotechnology company (PRIONS BIOTECH).
    • This formulation contains encapsulated organisms that help in reducing Ammonia content, Immunity against vibrio and other Microbial infections. Enzymes and Micro algae helps in digesting organic matter and removing Ammonia and maintains the water clean.
    • BENEFITS: This product will perform a special de-nitrication effect, decomposes organic matter and activates pond bottom. Breaks down large complex organic compounds quickly and effectively. Promote healthy phytoplanktons. Controls toxic gases like Ammonia and H2S.
    • Dosage is highly dependent on the pollution level and the waste volume. Initial dosage of 2-3 Kg / Acre. Subsequently use 1 Kg per Acre of water monthly basis.
    • SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE SOIL AND WATER PROBIOTICS- PR is a very stable product in powder and granule form retaining over 95 % of activity for at least 22-24 months. It should be stored under room temperature.
    Aquatic Remedies Aquatic Remedies Betta Care Twin Pack (Betta Perfect 50 ml + Betta Secure 50 ml), 100 milliL (Pack of 2), Yellow - Product Features
    • Betta care twin pack combo
    • Natural stress reducer
    • Dosage; 1drop / litre or 1ml / 10 litre
    • Item Package Weight: 140.0 grams
    Bubbles N Troubles De-WORMer Treatment 30ml, 100% Safe Deworming for Scaled and Scaleless Fish - Product Features
    • Camallanus, Nematodirus / Nematodes, Threadworms, Cooper
    • For Saltwater & Fresh Water Aquarium Effective In The Treatment Of Mature And Immature Gastro-Intestinal Worms\"
    • Treats 162 gallons (600L)
    • DeWORMER enables you to combat worms and parasites quickly and safely. Fast Working Parasite Control for Aquariums
    Ocean Free (O Anchor Worm and Fish Lice (Blue)) - Product Features
    • Quantity: 125ml
    • Treats all external parasitical diseases
    • Solely owned decred formula
    API 56C Stress Zyme - Product Features
    • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
    • Provides three functions which are water pumping, filtering and oxygenation
    • Fit for bio-filter function of many kinds of aquariums such as reef tanks, breeding aquariums and decorative aquariums and so on
    ADILAID Salt Licks for Goat & Sheep (800gm) - Product Features
    • Mineral?deficiencies in?goat?diets can lead to a number of unhealthy symptoms that affect the value of the herd and negatively affect growth rates, dairy production, and breeding ability.
    • Selenium?is a mineral that is vital for proper muscle growth and development.
    • Manganese?is important for bone formation, reproduction and enzyme functioning.
    • Deficiency symptoms include a reluctance to walk, deformity of forelegs, delayed onset of estrus, poor conception rate and low birth weight.
    • Iron?deficiency can be prevented by access to pasture or a?good-quality trace mineral salt containing?iron.
    Rid All General aid Aquatic Remedies Disease Control Medicine for Fresh Water Medication for Salt Water Tropical Fish - Product Features
    • Rid All is effective for treatment of white spot disease, finrot parasite, fungi disease and swabbing wound of fancy fish . Aquatic remedies general curia multipurpose general remedy for fresh water fishes.
    • 100% genuine product from Anand, quality guarranteed
    • kills bacteria and fungi, relieves stress
    • read bottle's back properly before use
    Ocean Free Special Arowana Medicine - External Bacteria & Fungus Away 150 ml [ Central Fish Aquarium ] - Product Features
      Aquatic Remedies Aquatic Remedies Plant Health Formula & Plant Food Fertilizer Combo 120 ml, 120 milliL - Product Features
      • A perfect blend of aquatic plant micro & Macro nutrients packed with advance formulation
      • Dosing: 2ml per 100 litre daily or 10ml per 100 litre bi weekly two times | daily dosing is recommended
      • Active ingredients: chelated iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron and other essential micro elements
      • Active ingredients: nitrogen, potassium, plant growth regulators, essential macro nutrients and minerals
      • To create wonderful mimic of aquatic natural eco system and tropical rain forest colour pigment formation supply essential micro elements to boost plant's natural coloration and health
      Aquatic Remedies Bactonil FW Anti Bacterial Medication, 120 ml, White - Product Features
      • Bactonil - fw 120ml - anti bacterial medication
      • Bactonil - fw shows significant difference in 12 hours of treatment
      • item package dimensions: 41.0 L x 42.0 W x 118.0 H (millimeters)
      • item weight: 0.135 kilograms
      API Pimafix Anti-fungal Fish Remedy, 237 ml - Product Features
      • Treats fungal infections, and internal and external bacterial infections also
      • Will not adversely affect the biological filter
      • Safe for reef aquariums and live plants
      Aquatic Remedies Flower Horn Total Care, 330 g, Off-White - Product Features
      • Contains - general cure + paracidol + bactonil + stress heal + worm out

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