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Penn-Plax AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT1R) 2 Chambers, 1 Biological Ecosystem for Aquaponic, Refugium, and Freshwater Aquarium Setups 8.4 Gallons, Glass - Product Features
  • INNOVATIVE: The AquaTerrium Fish Tank features 2 chambers that harmonize as 1 biological ecosystem, allowing for multiple freshwater species to coexist independently. This piece will add excitement and wonder to any home or office
  • HARMONIZED SYSTEM: The tiered setup replicates Nature?s metabolic cycle. The plants absorb fish waste as nourishment, and purify the water in return, which is beneficial for the fish.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: To keep this cycle continuous and clean, the AquaTerrium Fish Tank utilizes an integrated filtration system, consisting of a Submersible Filter Pump (4. 5 Watt), Carbon Filter Media, Bio Media Balls, Coarse Sponge, and Circulating Waterfall.
  • AQUATIC LIFE: Each chamber can easily hold Nano Fish. Great for Bettas, Tetras, Danios, Barbs, Rasboras, Small Crustaceans, and Shrimp.
  • AQUAPONIC SETUPS: The rear chamber is perfect for containing live plants and creating a Refugium.
  • AQUATIC PLANTS: Works with all submersible plants, including: Anubias, Chain Sword (Narrow Leaf), Indian Red Sword, and Dwarf Baby Tears.
  • MARGINAL PLANTS: Also works with most marginal house plants, including: Christmas Cactus, Coleus, Cordyline Terminalis, and Arrowhead Plant.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Overall: 8. 4 Gal ? 15? (W) x 14. 75? (D) x 6. 5? (Front H) / 13? (Back H); Front Chamber 3. 8 Gal (15? x 9? x 6. 5?); Rear Chamber 4. 6 Gal (11. 75? x 5. 75? x 13?)
Penn Plax Finding Dory Betta Tank Kit - Product Features
  • Water release tank
  • Includes background
  • Includes pop-up decoration
Penn Plax Finding Dory Betta Tank Kit, 0.5 Gallon - Product Features
  • Includes background
  • Stickers included
  • Water release tank
Penn-Plax Aqua Terrarium Planting Tank With Aquarium For Fish, Waterfall, Led Light, Filter, Desktop Size, 1. 85 Gallon - Product Features
  • Beautiful curved glass plant terrarium and small fish aquarium combined into one aquatic ecosystem that creates a lush planter environment. Grow live plants along with your fish.
  • Terrarium kit features a 1.85 gallon crystal clear glass tank, aquaponic waterfall, rockscape with planting pods, and deluxe artificial plant pack.
  • Integrated water filter keeps aquarium water fresh and healthy. Pump circulates water through cascading waterfall providing nutrients to plants through hydroponics.
  • High powered LED plant growth light helps live plant thrive in the ecosystem. Grow watercress, English ivy, jade and herbs in your terrarium.
  • Aquarium is suitable for small fish such as guppies, goldfish, zebras and more. Terrarium tank measures 10.5 in deep by 9.5 in wide by 11.8 inches high and fits on any desk, dresser, or tabletop.
Penn-Plax Cinderella W/Clock T Aquarium - Product Features
  • Dimensions: 3.5H in.
  • Made of resin
  • Hand painted
  • Cinderella and clock tower design
Penn Plax Bruce Mini Aquarium - Product Features
  • Crafted from high-quality, durable resin
  • Scary eyes and sharp teeth gives a realistic appearance'
  • Comes with a flat base for secure placement
  • Non-toxic and fish-safe
  • Dimensions: 1.5L x 1.25W x 2H in.
Penn-Plax (FZR31) Mini Olaf Sliding Aquarium - Product Features
  • Authentic Disney ornaments are made from non-toxic poly-resin material and are safe for your fish tank.
  • Mini Olaf measures 2?\" x 1?\" x 1?\"
  • This product is made in China
Penn-Plax Navy Destroyer Aquarium - Product Features
  • Dimensions: 2.75H in.
  • Made of resin
  • Hand painted
  • Destroyer design
Penn-Plax Dora in Sand Aquarium - Product Features
  • Constructed form durable resin
  • Non-toxic and fish-safe
  • Will not alter the water chemistry
  • Comes with a flat base for secure placement
  • Measures 2.25 in. high
Penn Plax Spongebob Betta Goldfish Fish Tank - Product Features
  • HOLDS 0.7 GALLONS OF WATER: perfectly sized for a betta or a goldfish
  • SPONGEBOB THEME: the tank features a bright SpongeBob background, a lid, top d?cor, and a snap up feeding window.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: the fish bowl is made of high quality plastic with a removable lid to make cleaning easy.
Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit - Product Features
  • LED light is very attractive to the eye
  • Easy to fit.Great fish tank for novice aquarists
  • Great Aquarium starter kit
Penn Plax Twin Beta Bow-Front Kit for Aquarium - Product Features
  • The Twin Betta tank has a blue tank divider shield which visually separates the two fish
  • Measures 3.85\" D x 7.75\" W x 6.00\" H
  • Features an EZ Clean System, which includes an EZ-lift lid, a unique filter-grid system and a water release cap allowing for easier water changes
Penn-Plax 5" Gravel Vac Aquarium - Product Features
  • CLEANER, SCRAPER, AND SIPHON: designed to remove waste, dirt, and debris from your tank.
  • PERFECT FOR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: it's easy to use and produces great results
  • IT WON'T SCRATCH THE GLASS: you can clean above and below your gravel line without fear of scratching

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