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petisfam Travel Litter Box for Cats with 1 Collapsible Bowl and 1 Scoop - Product Features
  • Hi, petisfam litter box will MAKE TRAVEL WITH CATS EASIER ON YOU. 16\"L X 12\"W X 4.5\"H, workable for any cat. FLEXIBLE to fit well in the back of car, on back seat or in a kennel and easy to carry in and out of hotel room
  • ULTRA-LIGHT, EASY TO CARRY and NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, avoid lugging a huge plastic box
  • TIME SAVER and AVOID DIRTY WORK. Take some biodegradable bags with you, put the bag in litter box as a conventional liner, just dispose of it each day until you get to your final destination
  • CONTROL UNPLEASANT ODOR, NO LEAKS. Comes with a zipper lid
  • STORAGE BAG. Also perfect for storing snacks, treats, medicine or toys, even your things
GreenFist Pet Stain & Odor Remover Magic Fast Acting Carpet Cleaner Enzyme-Powered Formula Cats,Dogs Urine and others, 32 oz Spray - Product Features
  • BETTER FASTER STRONGER - GreenFist Pet Stain & Odor Remover gets rid of stubborn and strong stains, spots and spills from pet poop, pee, vomit, pet drool, rust stains to restore your fabric to like new condition. It is an Eco-friendly biodegradable product formulated with enzymes to be more potent than other pet odor enzyme cleaners in all your pet mess cleaning jobs.
  • ENZYMATIC FORMULATION - When you apply our product, eco-friendly bacteria in the formula creates lipase, protease and amylase enzymes. GreenFist solution breaks down the stains with enzymes featuring natural surfactants that quickly penetrates the stained area. This powerful formula takes 3-5 minutes to completely breakdown the stain using enzymes in the solution.Enzyme Based Formula Which Helps To Remove Stains Effectively Including Food Stains, Blood, Urine, Vomit, etc.
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR - GreenFist keeps your family safe while leaving your home smelling cleaner and fresher. It penetrates deeper into the fabric and deteriorates the odor-causing compounds thus going a long-lasting freshness and effective odor control.
  • SAFE FOR PETS and KIDS - GreenFist Pet Magic Stain & Odor Remover is not only safe for pets but also your children in the house. It does not only have the ability to kill germs and stains, also keeps them away from your home. It is chlorine free and color safe; there is no hazardous residue after use, that also means unpleasant smell is dealt with.
  • GOOD FOR CARPET AND RUGS - GreenFist Solution is designed for cleaning all your Fabrics; Indoor, Outdoor, padded textile, carpet, throw rugs, pillows of all colors, in the house.How Enzymes Work To Clean Stain? 1 -->Bacteria in natural formula creates a lipase, protease and amylase enzymes. 2 --> After the contact of enzymes with natural surfactants it quickly starts to penetrate with the stain.3 --> After 3-5 minutes enzymes breaks down the stain and removes the bad odor.
Petmate Corner Litter MAT Small - Product Features
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN-Corner shape provides added space-saving benefit. Perfect for corner litter pans
  • EASY ON PAWS- Petmate Corner Litter Catcher Mat created from a soft, flexible rubberized material that is easy on paws
  • REDUCE LITTER SCATTER- The webbed design traps litter scatter as your cat exits the litter pan keeping your cat from tracking litter all over your floors & furniture
  • MADE FOR CATS- Helps keep floors and paws clean
  • TWO SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM-Small - 29\" x 38\" & Large - 34\" x 46\"
UPSKY Premium Cat Litter Mat Trapper, Traps Litter from Box and Paws, Scatter Control for Litter Box, Soft on Sensitive Kitty Paws, Easy to Clean, Durable - Set of 2 (Champagne) - Product Features
    Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter, 34 Pounds - Product Features
      Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Pan, Jumbo - Product Features
      • Raised-back contains litter scatter & spray in the rear area of pan
      • Made of durable Plastic with reinforced bottom
      • Easy entry for older or larger cats
      • Made in the USA
      • Dimensions: 24\" x 19\" x 18.5\"
      Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, Lightweight 4-in-1 Strength Multi Cat Litter - 17 lb. Box - Product Features
      • One (1) 17 lb. Box - Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight 4-in-1 Strength Multi Cat Litter
      • Low dust for a clean, easy pour
      • Controls ammonia, fecal and urine smells
      • Lightweight formula is 50% lighter than the leading clumping litter
      • Recyclable and made with 21% less packaging than pails by weight
      SunGrow Reptile Litter Scoop, 12x4 Inches, Pointed Edge, Right-Angle Designed Shovel, Deep, Anti-Scatter Sides, Prevents Infections from Manure to Pets and Humans, Easy to Clean - Product Features
      • FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH OF REPTILES AND HUMANS --- Pets like turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, and caecilians carry maladies that may make people sick. This usually occurs due to improper housing and care. Maintaining a clean terrarium helps reduce this risk. Tidying up your pet?s enclosure is now made easy by Terrarium Reptile Litter Scoop by SunGrow. It can scoop out tiniest particles well. It is perfect to use for beddings and substrates as it quickly takes away droppings.
      • IDEAL SIZE AND DESIGN FOR HARD-TO-REACH CORNERS ---- This 12.2 inches long, the right-angle designed little shovel can get hold of dirt from almost anywhere in your terrarium. Even corners are no exception as this litter cleaner has a pointed edge that can catch and scrape any desired area for cleaning.
      • WITH DIAMOND-SHAPED GRIDS AND ANTI-SCATTER SIDES --- This litter lifter?s surface area measures 5.12 inches in width and has a diamond-shaped grid. The loopholes that are not too small for effective sifting and not too big that it doesn?t lose the tiny dirty pieces it was able to gather. Side enclosures have a depth of 1.97 inches and do an excellent job of scooping out more waste at once with minimal or no spillage.
      • EASY TO LIFT AND SIFT THE MANURE --- Its smooth and curved handle makes it easier to use. People with arthritis can still do litter cleaning without fearing pain in the aftermath. The handlebar isn?t also too thick or too slim and perfectly fits your hands. It gives a sense of balance and eliminates the trouble of lifting clumps of waste. It minimizes hand fatigue and is user-friendly.
      • UNMATCHED QUALITY TO PASS ON AS HEIRLOOM --- Made from premium grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material, it is dense and has extremely good tensile strength. It is heavy-duty and can survive the corrosive properties that emanate from your pet?s waste.
      IRIS PNE-500H Large Shielded Litter Pan, White - Product Features
      • Oval kitty litter pan with shield is designed to offer cats plenty of room and quick accessibility
      • Scooped rim on litter box for easy access with three-wall litter pan shield to prevent litter scatter
      • Cat litter pan's oval shape means no tough corners
      • Kitty litter box includes a matching litter scoop and polished interior for easy cleaning
      • Dimensions: 19.68\"L x 15.51\"W x 10.63\"H
      IRIS USA IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Dark Gray/White, Dark Gray/White - Product Features
      • The perfect way to prevent litter scatter and contain spraying
      • Large top entryway for easy entry and exit
      • Grooved lid to help remove litter particles from the cat's paws
      • Rounded shape and included litter scoop makes cleaning easy
      • Dimensions: 16.14\"L x 20.47\"W x 14.56\"H
      Super Pet Container-Long John Litter Pan Assorted Colors - Product Features
        Smiling Paws Pets Jumbo Cat Litter Mat, XL 47" x 33?, Water Resistant, Effectively Traps Scattered Litter from Cats and Litter Box, Easy to Clean, Soft on Kitty Paws (Gray XXL) - Product Features
        • TRAPS 82% MORE LITTER: THIS WILL BE YOUR FAVORITE LITTER BOX ACCESSORY! Tired of barely-there mats that catch minimal litter mess? At 47\" x 33?, our extra large jumbo mat is double the size of most. A truly functional litter trapper!
        • NON-SLIP BACKING (REALLY!): This mat stays where you put it! Catches litter continuously and won?t constantly shift around when your cat climbs in and out of the box all day long.
        • EASY TO CLEAN: Shake of the excess litter, vacuum or hose the mat down with water and a bit of soap. You?ll mat will be like brand new again.
        • NO CHEMICALS: Our BPA-free, Phthalate-free and certified mat means less bad odors and harmful chemicals for your kitty. Safe for pets and children!
        • SIZE MATTERS: Cover more area and clean less! Perfect for households with two or more litter boxes. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
        PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box System, from The Makers of ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Product Features
        • Long-lasting cat litter: Vents on the underside of the litter box promote airflow, increasing crystal cat litter life; 1 bag of PetSafe premium crystal litter will last up to 1 month in a single cat household
        • Reduced odor: Crystal litter absorbs cat urine and dehydrates solid waste, making it 5x more effective at reducing odors than clay or clumping cat litter
        • Keep your floors clean: Anti-tracking grid captures litter from your cat's paws as she exits the box and the high walls help keep the crystal litter inside the box
        • 2 layers of protection: The crystal litter absorbs most - if not all - urine; The tray below is lined with an absorbent pee pad which acts as a backup layer of moisture and odor defense
        • Product support: PetSafe brand's U.S.-based customer care experts will be glad to help.Experience: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year
        OllyDog Scoop Pick Up Bag, Dog Waste Dispenser, Raven, One Size - Product Features
        • Engineered to dispense quickly and smoothly, the zippered pouch perfectly fits a standard pick up rolls
        • Simply unzip at the side opening, fill with a roll of pickup Bags and pull through the rubberized dispenser
        • The scoop pick up bag can easily slid onto a leash or collar using the easy-slide sleeve or can attach to your belt loop with a simple Snap for your convenience
        • This high-tenacity fiber will be able to withstand years of wear and tear and weathering from the outdoors
        • Dimensions : 4\" x 1.5\" x 2.75\"
        Nature's Miracle Clumping Corn Cob Litter, 18 lb - Product Features
        • 99.9% dust free
        • Fast-clumping formula made with natural corn cob
        • Guaranteed to work or your money back
        • age range description: All Life Stages
        Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, Lightweight 24/7 Performance Multi Cat Litter - 17 lb. Box - Product Features
        • One (1) 17 pound Box - Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, Light Weight 24/7 Performance Multi Cat Litter
        • Low Dust for a Clean, Easy Pour
        • Prevents ammonia odor from forming for two weeks when used as directed
        • Lightweight formula is 50% lighter than the leading clumping litter
        • Tight, strong clumps for easy scooping. Fragranced.Packaging may vary.

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