Aquarium & Fish Bowl By Billion Bacteria

by Billion Bacteria
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by Billion Bacteria
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Billion Bacteria by Aquatic Remedies ViMiNo Arowana 140ml - Product Features
  • World's first combination of vitamin complex. amino acids, and mineral
  • Acts as all-in-one compound while supplying most wide range of benefits in one formula
  • Vitamin complex improves the color and health, Regulate physiological activity and enhances growth
  • Curcumin extract enhances immunity and give resistance against variety of diseases
  • Perfect for freshwater ONLY
Billion Bacteria by Aquatic Remedies Micro Life XS2 140ml - Product Features
  • Perfect for saltwater & freshwater
  • Matures and purify water & Quickly perform nitrogen cycle
  • Improve aquatic animal growth and health
  • Converts toxic ammonia in to Nitrate
  • Nitrate used as NITROGEN nutrient in Hydroponics

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