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Vetri-Science Laboratories Renal Essentials Feline Supplement for Pets - Product Features
    Pet Ag Kitten Milk Replacer Emergency Feeding Kit - Product Features
    • Nature's match nipples simulates the milking action of mothers nipple
    • Graduated bottles aid in accurate feeding
    • Use for dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, raccoons and other pets
    Petlogix Natural Anti Itch & Hot Spot Spray with Tea Tree & Evening Primrose Antibacterial Formula for Pet Dogs Cats Mineral Oil, SLS & Paraben Free, 100ml - Product Features
    • ITCH-FREE FORMULA FOR DOGS: Petlogix Anti Itch & Hot Spot Spray is a revolutionary Anti Itch & Hotspot Spray gets away your pet from any type of itch and at the same time prevents from anti bacterial properties.
    • 100% NATURAL COMPOSITION: Enriched with Turmeric, Evening Primrose, tea tree and Coconut, this amazing spray ensures that your pet should remain devoid from all sorts of harmful chemicals including sulphate.
    • VET AND GROOMER RECOMMENDED: Our Anti Itch & Hot Spot Spray offers safe and proven formulation so that your dog can remain free from itching caused due to bacteria, fungus and other dirt-based conditions.
    • MADE TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE: If left untreated, itching and hot spots can spread & cause serious harm to your furry friend. Our natural formula works to keep skin sooth, stop itching & burning feel.
    • FORMULATED FOR ALL FUR TYPE: The offered formula contains all natural ingredients that makes it an excellent spray for pets with allergies and other sensitivities. Suitable for all fur type dogs and puppies.
    Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution - Dog and Cat Water Additive for Bad Breath - Oral Care Formula Cleans Teeth and Treats Gums - Vet Recommended - Product Features
      Vetoquinol Ipakitine 180 gm - Product Features
      • Highly palatable kidney-protective phosphate binder
      • Quantity: 180 g
      • Recommended for dogs and cats with impaired kidney function
      Mercola - Complete Probiotics for Pets, Grams, 90 Grams Powder - Product Features
        Venkys Ventripro Kitten 200gm ( Pack of 2) Buy 2 and get 2 Free - Product Features
          KVP Kong Ez Soft E-Collar for Cats and Dogs (Blue, Extra Small) - Product Features
          • Ideal for injuries, rashes and post surgery
          • Constructed from pliable fabric
          • Drawstring collar
          • Suitable for cats and small dogs, colors may vary.
          • Fits neck size 4-inches to 5-1/2-inches
          Beaphar Top-10 Cat, 30 Tablets - (Pack of 2) - Product Features
          • Food supplement which promote vitality and strengthen a cat?s physical condition
          Trixie Cats Dental Hygiene Set - Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Product Features
          • Only for cats
          • All-round dental care for the cats
          • Contains: toothpaste with cheese flavour (50 g), 2 toothbrushes with 3 different heads
          Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Kit for Cat Calming - Product Features
          • Mimics cat pheromone that helps with cat calming One refill covers up to 650 sq ft
          • Clinically proven to be 90% effective to help reduce urine marking and unwanted scratching
          • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
          • Veterinarian Recommended, Drug Free, and Unscented
          MIND UP Toothbrush Micro Head for Cats Made in Japan by Nyanko Care - Product Features
          • Mini-sized bristle is specially made for the cats to brush for their daily oral care habit. The 10mm thickness mini-sized bristle be able to reach hard to reach and clean the inner part of their teeth around their cheek.
          • 15-degree angle bend specially design for easy brushing to fit to your cat?s mouth shape for a better brushing handling and remove plaque and food debris effectively.
          • MADE IN JAPAN
          • Material?/?Handle?ABS resin?Bristle?Nylon Size?/?150mm x 15mm Weight / 5 gm
          • Please brush your cat teeth and gum gently. Brush toward the teeth surface on the correct angle for better brushing effects. Remember to massage the gum as well with the brush.
          Pet Likes ADDON for Cats 1 Kg - Weight Gain Results in 3 Weeks - Product Features
          • ADD ON for Cats is a Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, Grain Free and a High Calorie, Premium pet food supplement
          • Noticeable weight gain results in 3 weeks
          • Consists of 50% protein and 35% fat
          • Contains Chondroitin Sulfate for hip and joint support, Omega-3 fish oil for skin health, fur growth and shine
          • A highly economical way of feeding high quality premium protein to your dogs daily
          Arm and Hammer Advanced Care Dental Rinse/Water Additive for Cats - Product Features
          • Helps to Freshen Breath
          • Mix into your Cat's Drinking water
          • Mint Flavor Dental water for Cat's
          Oxbow Animal Health Alfalfa Hay for Pets, 15-Ounce - Product Features
            Fur-Drop 100ml Cat Massage Oil, Itching Relief, Cat Dry Skin Treatment, Kitten Skin Infection Treatment, Skin Coat Shining, Herbal Oil, Cat Oil For Hair Fall, Oil For Ticks And Fleas, Coat Oil. Persian Cat, Almond Oil. - Product Features
            • RELAXES PETS: Calms down your aggressive or stressed-out pets, heals their emotions, and improves skin health.
            • IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Increases blood and lymph circulation, aids in digestion, and improves range of motion in cats.
            • CAT HAIR FALL CONTROL: Herbal ingredients heal skin-related conditions and make cat hair shiny, healthy, and lustrous.
            • ANTI-TICK: Lavender acts as a natural repellent, controls ticks & other insects, and heals surface wounds caused by them. Acts as Tick control.
            • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Cat Massage Oil contains all herbal and natural ingredients. Free from sulfates, parabens, alcohol, artificial colors, and fragrances.
            • Directions: Massage a small quantity of the oil in the fur with light strokes, slowly, throughout their body everyday.Use along Fur-drop cat shampoo for the best coat
            • Olive oil: Treats dry, flaky, and itchy skin of cats and kittens alike. Helps remove matted fur easily and painlessly.

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