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More About Home & Kitchen products

Find everything for your perfect home as you shop online in India at our Home & Kitchen store, Electronic Store . Choose from over 20,000 offers among home appliances, kitchen appliances, home improvement, cookware & bakeware, tableware, home furnishing, and home & decor to become the interior designer of your house.

Whether you are looking for floral bed sheets with matching pillow covers for your bedroom or easy-to-use toasters, microwave ovens, and juicer, mixer, grinders for your kitchen, you can now decorate your home & create different universes in each room every day. With our wide variety of art prints, posters, candles and candle holders, photo frames, vases, wall clocks, artificial plants and much more, you can decorate your home and also gift unique decor items to your family and friends.

The Home & Kitchen store is house to over 150 well-known brands like Philips, Prestige, Morphy Richards, Kenstar, Panasonic, Bajaj, and many more in the Small Appliances category and also unique specialized brands like Chumbak, Chor Bazaar, Happily Unmarried, India Circus, The Yellow Door, The Elephant Company, and a lot more within Home & Decor. Browse our store to discover products for every occasion and have a great time shopping online.

Shop Online for Large Appliances

A wide range of large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers, microwaves and water purifiers from leading brands such as Godrej, Croma, Haier, Blue Star, Carrier, Electrolux, Bosch , Voltas, Samsung, Whirlpool LG, Kenstar and IFB.

Buy Kitchen and Dining

Food is one of the most important things we need every day. And to make food, we need a kitchen. But a kitchen, with the right elements in the right place, is divine and ideal for improving your culinary skills. Like all other rooms in your home, your kitchen must also be properly laid out and inspire you to create masterpieces. It should also appeal to your senses and help you get together as a family. Shop in a wide range of cuisines and restaurants at attractive prices.

Buy Furniture from Leading Brands:

The furniture is one of the first inventions of homo sapiens that simplified life, adding elements of design and style to our concept of habitat. Furniture is essentially objects intended to facilitate various human activities, such as sitting, sleeping, storing objects, etc. Men began to carve and make furniture with stone, wood and animal bones. Around 3200 BC BC, the ancient Egyptians began to design furniture and used mainly wood and other materials, including leather.

Buy Home Furnishing Articles

Get ideas and liven up your home with this range of stylish home furnishings. Offering a wide selection of sheets, towels, curtains, carpets, mattress protectors, placemats, cushions and more, you'll be spoiled for choice when looking for home furnishings. Buy and enjoy amazing offers, discounts and deals on this range of home furnishings.

Buy Home Decor Articles

Give your home a makeover by choosing from the most recent and stylish home decor collection. From bed linen and lamps to clocks to contemporary decorative arts, you can embody your personality through the interiors of your home by buying online items and home decor products. Buy and enjoy amazing offers, discounts and deals on this range of home decor products.

Buy the Latest Range of Drills

Drills are an essential part of any toolbox, whether DIY projects or industrial work. A drill used a motor and a drill bit (or tip) to pierce the material. This has many uses.
Cordless drills are more compact and lightweight, not to mention convenient. Traditionally less powerful than corded models, cordless drills are powerful enough for most jobs.

Buy Garden and Outdoors Products

Turn your green spaces into green. Whether it's growing your own food or decorating your home or garden with flowers or plants, there are plenty of reasons to go gardening. Explore our wide selection of seeds, watering equipment, fertilizer and soil, pots and planters, pest control, live plants, gardening tools, garden decoration, garden accessories, power tools, barbecue, organic gardening and more to help you get started.

You do not really need to have green fingers, and gardening does not come naturally to all. If you just love being outdoors, you can choose gardening as one of your hobbies. Whether you live in a detached villa with a large garden in your front or back yard or in an apartment with a balcony, you can create your own garden and relax in a carbon-free environment. Make your space a welcoming place with a nice garden and colorful flowers. Choose from top of the line garden and outdoor products, and let your ideas and inspirations go wild.

A garden is usually a planned space, where different forms of nature are exhibited and cultivated as part of a setting. Although planning from the outside requires a lot of planning, you can work on a wide range of themes and assemble plants, fountains, lighting and other furniture, depending on your preferences. A large selection of plants and seeds as well as planters, fertilizers, tools and gardening equipment. You can also find bird baths, outdoor candles, wind chimes, garden umbrellas, sculptures and statues, as well as outdoor playground equipment. Create a paradise with planters and unique and exotic decorating ideas. Buy garden and outdoor products here and take advantage of great offers.

Garden and outdoor products, including seeds, watering equipment, fertilizers and soil, pots and planters, pest control, live plants, gardening tools, gardening accessories, gardening accessories, power tools, barbecue products, furniture green spaces and much more. Have a picnic or take your guests home to enjoy each season in the sun, with high quality garden and outdoor products placed on furniture made from materials such as wood, plastic, wood, fabrics and many others. Become a citizen of the world and offer green products such as solar chargers, sun bags, solar lights and lanterns, etc. to your friends and family. Design a safe, pure and beautiful wonderland for generations to come. Find a wide range of garden and outdoor products from leading brands at discounted prices, and enjoy fast delivery and easy returns.


Flattering Drapes for All Occassions

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Buy Indoor Lighting

The convenience of lighting and lighting at home, in the office or in any indoor location helps us perform our daily tasks without worries. Whether it's LED or CFL bulbs, tube lamps, emergency lights, night lights and more, choose from a wide selection of interior lighting solutions from leading brands.

Buy baby products

The baby store offers baby products in a wide variety of categories, including nursing and feeding, baby furniture, diapers and diaper changing, baby care, baby gift sets, baby carriers, strollers and strollers, car seats and accessories. From baby skin care products and bath essentials to strollers and toys, you can take advantage of great discounts and deals on these baby products. Buy baby care supplies at the best prices online.

Choose from a huge collection of Kindle e-books

Find the Kindle editions of all your favorite books here, From the popular Indian scriptures to the classical world literature, find everything you are looking for. And the best part is, Kindle book editions will cost you a lot less than their paperback or hardcover counterparts. So keep replenishing your collection without burning a hole in your pocket.

Shop for Smart TV Sets with High-Quality and Immersive Images

With the rapidly changing technology, it becomes important to upgrade with times. Purchase a Smart TV and enjoy a hassle-free and seamless TV watching experience. Smart TVs are connected to the internet, allowing you to stream various media services and access entertainment apps. Shop from a wide range of Smart TVs from popular brands at the best prices. Shop and enjoy amazing deals, discounts and offers on Smart TVs.
You will be able to choose from a range of popular brands here. With high-tech features like 3D, Full HD, entertainment apps, social media apps and more, you can be assured that you will find the television set that you’ve been looking. Experience smarter TV binging by purchasing a Smart TV.

Business, Industrial & Scientific products

Shop for wide range of products & equipments across categories such as Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies, Lab & Scientific Products, Test, Measure & Inspect, Occupational, Health & Safety, Robotics products & Tapes, Adhesives & Sealants.

Buy Surveillance Cameras

In modern times, security is of utmost importance and it is only imperative to have safety measures in place. Appointing security guards is a traditional practice, but with developing technology, a number of surveillance aids are made available. This safety measure is the most preferred one as it is convenient to install, and complements traditional measures as well. You may need security cameras for personal use, for your home or office. Even public places like parks, shopping malls and restaurants need surveillance cameras. A strategically placed camera can provide helpful evidence against a theft, crime or any untoward incident.

Buy surveillance cameras online for personal as well as public use. Check out bullet cameras, spy cameras, button cameras, dome cameras and more that serve different requirements. Bullet cameras are small cameras with a fixed focal length and are ideal for small spaces like homes, small offices and more. A spy camera is usually fitted in an object of regular use and can be carried along without being noticed. You will find spy cameras placed in shirt buttons, calculators, pens, car key or even watches. Dome cameras, named after their shape, come with cameras fitted in the dome and are either mobile or mounted on walls or ceilings. They come in various colours and are designed to blend with your décor.

A wide variety of security cameras. Browse our various types of cameras and find the best hidden camera or any other type of security camera that caters to your needs. You will also find accessories required for your cameras like cables, network DVR and more. The selection includes surveillance cameras and accessories from ADVISION, NPC, Sony, Brinno and more.

Buy Health Care at

Want to help your body fight allergens? Looking for high quality herbal nutritional supplements to help you deal with any health concerns? The fathomless wealth of Ayurvedic herbs and blends has helped a number of people deal with health problems. Browse our extensive collection of health products on to live a healthy life. You will find Ayurvedic medicines, nutritional supplements, weighing machines, digital thermometers and more. For your convenience, we have products from some of the leading brands, including Omron, Detak, Equinox, Indigo, Accu-Chek, One Touch Ultra, Dr. Morepen and more, in stock under one roof. While shopping online at, you can browse products by brand, customer reviews, price or discounts and special offers.

Breathe Easy, Buy Allergy, Sinus & Asthma Care Devices Online

A stuffy nose or sinusitis caused by allergies can be annoying. Allergy sufferers can take steps to reduce the chance of unwanted allergic reactions. Neti pots, for example, can help flush congested nasal passages. Steam vaporizers can also help relieve nasal congestion and thin the mucus in the nasal cavity. offers a number of allergy relief products and devices to relieve pain and congestion related to allergy, sinusitis or asthma. Choose an option based on your needs to significantly reduce your allergy symptoms.

Buy massage and relaxation products online, find a comforting way to relieve pain

Did you know that a massage can stimulate your muscle tissue, relax your joints and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients? You can enjoy the benefits of massage in the comfort of your home. Buy online massage creams, oils, scrubs and electric massagers to relieve your sore muscles and relieve tension from head to toe. When shopping for massage oils or devices online, think about your needs and shop from a wide variety of body massagers designed to rejuvenate your body parts. Whether it's buying an Ayurvedic supplement online for skin care, bowel care, kidney care or general wellness, vaporizers and compressors for allergy sufferers or teas, diabetes care products such as herbal capsules and sugar substitutes or even disposable underwear and diapers for adults, it's all available at great prices on You can shop online for hot water bottles and bags, stress relief massagers, electric heating blankets, ice bags and gel packs. In addition, there are smoking cessation products such as electronic cigarettes, Nicorette chewing gum for those who are serious about quitting smoking. In addition, there are Durex and KamaSutra contraceptives, pregnancy test kits and ovulation strips that you can buy online.

Control your health, buy health monitors online

If you are looking for a weighing machine to help you control your weight or a thermometer to monitor the peaks and dips in temperature, offers you a wide range to choose from. In addition to weighing machines and thermometers, the collection includes the latest stethoscopes from Rossmax, Littmann and Dr Morepen, pedometers & blood pressure monitors from Omron, Equinox and Tanita, blood glucose meters and body fat analyzers that help you live well and monitor your health conditions. At, we make your online shopping experience memorable and comfortable with an extensive range of the latest online healthcare products. Forget long queues at pharmacies and supermarkets; just log in to to shop online at a time and place that suits you. What's great is that you can filter results based on your needs, including price, brands, sellers, and more.



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Automotive Essentials

Welcome to, your one-stop super store for auto accessories. A large selection of car and motorcycle accessories is now at your fingertips. We offer a variety of car accessories online at the best prices for almost any car or motorcycle on the market. With a few clicks you will find the best accessories for your 2-wheeler or your 4-wheeler. Choose from frames and fittings for your drive or ride or riding gear such as protectors, pants or full body suits. We are at the forefront of automotive entertainment systems. At, you can choose car accessories with the latest audiovisual technologies online to build your own custom car entertainment system. Our wide selection of GPS navigation systems, CD, DVD players, loudspeakers and subwoofers goes well beyond traditional car radios to deliver sensational in-car audio experiences.

Are you ready to hit the road and get away from it all? You have to make sure that your car or bicycle is also ready for the trip. The cleanliness of your car or bike is just as important as the exterior, it adds to your driving or driving experience. It also ensures comfort and safety. The basic maintenance of your car is simply a matter of opening the hood and checking the engine. You can keep the engine of your car or motorcycle running smoothly by changing the engine oil regularly. offers the best prices online and easy-to-use search options to help you find the right motor oil for your needs. The other vital parts or parts of your car that need regular maintenance are air filters, wipers, spark plugs, cables and brake lights. Here you will find top brands that meet most of your automotive needs. You can also protect your two-wheeler investment by adding convenience and style with a range of bicycle parts and accessories. offers a huge selection of motorcycle parts, including motorcycle oils, frames, fittings and accessories such as helmets and motorcycle clothing. You will find routine maintenance tasks a lot easier with the right tools available online. Our selection of quality tools for your vehicle includes everything you need to maintain your motorcycle.

Do you want to clean your car quickly and easily? There is no need to go to a car wash when you can easily wash your car at home with the best polishes and some special car wash products that you can buy online. You can buy cleaning kits, brushes, dusters, sponges and pressure washers online. Your car will look fresh if you spray it, scrub it thoroughly and apply wax. You can use car shampoo for cloth seats, leather cleaners and conditioners for leather seats, pedal cleaner and a handheld vacuum cleaner or a car vacuum cleaner to clean the dashboard, inner door pockets, steering wheel and gear lever. Do you want to remove dirt or clean your engine's drivelines? Bicycle cleaning solutions, including sprays and degreasers, are ideal for lifting dirt that won't come off or breaking down grease and grime. You can shop online for these bike cleaning solutions and protective polishes to add a coat of polish to the frame and body.

The right motorcycle gear is the key to the protection you need, the comfort you crave and the style you desire as you cruise around town. Cycling enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of helmets online, including flip-up helmets, full-face helmets or jet helmets. For the ultimate in off-road racing headgear, motorcyclists can choose from a collection of motocross helmets online. The online store delves deep into the art of riding by offering you a range of riding apparel including boots, pants, jackets and full body suits. With the online range of bicycle accessories, there is no excuse for not cruising all year round.

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